Sustainable Development Project Class 10 PDF

Sustainable development project class 10 pdf: Do you ever stop and think what you do is available and do you know what sustainable development means. Sustainable development is to make the world a better place for everyone now without destroying the possibilities for the next generation.

Table of content

  •     What is sustainable development
  •     Why sustainable development is needed
  •     What are international sustainable development goals
  •     Why SDGs are important
  •     Conclusion

Sustainable development project class 10 pdf

 You can ask yourself can we do anything over and over again forever? Sustainable development means that we need to keep three things in mind i.e.

One social progress, economic development, and climate & environment

Why sustainable development is needed

  1. First of all, we have to take care of our planet. We have many natural ecosystems that must be balanced for us to live here. The climate system is one of them. This system ensures that the temperature is correct and that the atmosphere emits exactly the right amount of solar energy.
  2. When we emit harmful greenhouse gasses such as co2 we clog the atmosphere this changes the temperatures on earth which again affects our development
  3. How we produce and use energy is incredibly important, oil and coal are examples of energy that are exhaustible. Although, water, winds, and sun will always be here using the lasting sources of energy that renew themself and are good for the planet.
  4. Almost everything we develop, buy, and trade starts with nature. The smarter we use our natural resources and the better systems we create for a fair distribution the more sustainable we are.

How we can contribute to sustainable development

  1. One way to contribute so more to an even distribution is to be more aware of what we buy and how it is produced. Eg. Football is a good example. It travels far before it reaches the football player. First materials are made then they print the logo somewhere else before a third country uses it all together one single suppose it’s the whole world before it reaches its goal.

What are international sustainable development goals

Did you know that the sustainable development goals are a universal call to action that unites 193 countries around the world if these global goals are fulfilled by 2030? Life on earth will be better for everyone. So, what are these goals

  1. Poverty– eliminate poverty in all its forms
  2. hunger- no hunger everyone should have safe nutritious and sufficient food
  3. health– everyone has equal access to health care thus ensuring our well-being and a healthy life
  4. Education– equal access to a quality education
  5. Gender equality– ensure gender equality where women and girls have the same opportunities as men and boys. By achieving these goals each member of our society will be equally safe and happy un global goals also include.
  6. Water & sanitation- access to safe drinking water and sanitation
  7. clean energy– access to clean energy that is safe for people and the environment
  8. Economic growth– stable economic growth everyone has a decent job
  9. Industry and innovation– strong infrastructure and the support of innovation.
  10. Inequality- lower inequality within and among countries
  11. Sustainable cities– cities, and settlements are developed without damaging the environment and people achieving these goals will result in the well-being of people and our planet we can further take care of our environment with the following goals
  12. Sustainable production– sustainable and safe production and consumption of products  
  13. Climate change– take urgent measures to reduce climate change and its impact
  14. Life under water– ensure the sustainable use and protection of ocean and sea resources
  15. Life on land– restore and protect earth’s ecosystems by achieving these goals we will form a society where
  16. Peace and justice– strong institutions ensure peace and justice it is important for everyone to be involved and to
  17. Partnership – build partnerships for achieving sustainable development goals you are part of this process demand the implementation of these goals.

 Why SDGs are important

 Mainly for three reasons.

  1.  First of all, they are universal so they are for all countries in the world. Through the lens of the sdgs, all countries in the world are developing countries, because there is no individual country that has already achieved the sdgs.
  2. Secondly, is that the sdgs are transformative because they bring together different aspects of sustainable development. As you know there are 17 goals

Sdgs are about 5 ps. It’s about the planet, people, prosperity, peace, and partnership.

  1. Thirdly, and most importantly, the ‘no one left behind’ focus is key to the sdgs. Now, why is evaluation so important to the sdgs? Because it is only through evaluation that we will be able to implement and achieve the sdgs. Why? Because evaluation will tell us if we are achieving the sdgs and why. And tell us what works and what does not work in achieving the sdgs.
  2. But it is very important that even while evaluating we focus on ‘no one being left behind. Because we don’t want to know only what works and what does not work in general. But we want to know what works and what does not work for whom, and under what circumstances and why. That’s why an equity focus in gender-responsive evaluation is so important. Therefore, SDGs and evaluation go together.

Concluding remarks over sustainable development

This journey ties us together, if we are to win the battle for a sustainable future we have to play with fair rules that apply to everyone. We, humans, are part of nature but we’re also important resources for the world just like water, forest, and the sun, we have minds that can create the strongest and most creative things but for us to be the best versions of ourselves certain things must be in order like having equal opportunities, education, safety, food and medicine, this provides greater opportunities for us as human beings, but also for the planet we just have to think in new ways.



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