Marketing Management class 12 project

marketing management class 12 project

Marketing management class 12 project: For a layman, marketing is to go to a Marketplace,  pay money for the product, buy the product. But it is a misconception,  marketing is a process that begins much before even the product has been manufactured. Table of content     What is marketing     Features of marketing … Read more

Disaster management project class 9

disaster management project class 9

Disaster management project class 9: A disaster is defined as a catastrophic event that causes the loss of human lives and economic assets.  United  Nations has divided disasters into two parts i.e. Man made and Natural disasters. The International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies defines disaster management as the organization and management … Read more

Consumer rights project class 10 PDF

consumer rights project class 10

consumer rights project class 10: According to Consumer Protection Act 1986, section 2(7), “consumer” means any person who—  buys any goods for a consideration (something in return) which has been paid or promised, and includes any user of such goods who purchase those goods for personal use, but does not include a person who obtains … Read more

Social issues project class 10 PDF

social issues project class 10

Social issues project class 10 PDF: A social issue is an issue that influences many individuals inside the general public. It is a gathering of normal issues in present-day society and ones that many individuals endeavor to settle. It isn’t unexpected the outcome of variables reaching out past a singular’s control. Social issues are the … Read more

Consumer awareness project class 10

consumer awareness project class 10

consumer awareness project class 10: In the modern world, marketing is playing a major role in our lives,the market is getting shrewd and sometimes consumers have to suffer the brunt of it. Misleading, frauds, underweight, low quality, expired, Over MRP etc are the malpractices done by the cunning sellers or manufacturer just to get profit. … Read more

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