Chanakya niti PDF book

Chanakya niti pdf download: Chanakya also known as Kautilya or Vishnugupta was an most popular ancient economist, philosopher, teacher, advisor and he is also a best known author of Arthashastra. Arthashastra is the oldest Indian political treatise that covers statecraft, economic policy and military strategy.

The word arthashastra derived from the sanskrit word Artha means aim or goal and shastra means treaties or book. 

Chanakya niti pdf download

Chanayka was the prime minister in the reign of King Chandragupta maurya or we can also say that kautilya guided Chandragupta to take the throne from Dhananand. 
Actually, the revenge begins when Dhananad makes fun of chanakya advice then chanakya decides to take revenge and prepare chandragupt to banish his empire and then Mauryan empire rises. Arthashastra was written for the purpose of guiding the younger chandragupta on how to rule techniques.

About chanakya niti pdf

Book Name –chanakya neeti pdf download
Author Name- Acharya chanakya
Format- PDF
Size-  mb
Pages- 192
Language- English and Hindi

Contents of chanakya niti book pdf

  • Introduction
  • The individual 
  • Society
  • Good observations
  • Miscellaneous
  • Sutras of chanakya

Life lesson from Chanakya niti

Never share your goals and vision with other people. Generally most of us share our goals with other people and that creates a positive and negative impact on ourselves and prevents us from achieving our goal. 

One of the famous proverbs is boond boond se sagar banta hai or drops make ocean. It is also fit with our life, small steps and changes create a bigger change and that is also applicable with knowledge, money. 

In today’s time most of us want comfort in our life but it is a bitter truth that if you desire to achieve your goal the first and the foremost step is to forget about your comfort zone.

Chankya niti states that we have to learn from the experts of that field. For example if you want to earn 1 crore then you have to take advice from the people who earn this amount not from the one who has not earned even lakhs.

If you want to control another person then the first thing is to know about what motivates them in some cases that can be money, ego, feeling of superior etc and you have to make sure to feel them same.

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