Chemical formulas list for class 10 PDF

chemical formulas list for class 10 pdf

chemical formulas list for class 10 pdf download: Chemical Formula is defined as the way of representing the chemicals taking part in a chemical reaction or compound/molecule. In other words  Chemical formula gives information about the name of atoms or molecules which are constituted to make compounds.  For Example:- NaOH is known as Sodium Hydroxide … Read more

10th class all Subject Books PDF

10th class all subject books pdf

10th class all subject books pdf download: In this article we are going to discuss the subjects and books which are taught in class X.  Class X is also known as High School. School or educational institutions are instructed to teach on the behalf of NCERT(National Council Of Education Research and Training) books because board exams … Read more

Social issues project class 10 PDF

social issues project class 10

Social issues project class 10 PDF: A social issue is an issue that influences many individuals inside the general public. It is a gathering of normal issues in present-day society and ones that many individuals endeavor to settle. It isn’t unexpected the outcome of variables reaching out past a singular’s control. Social issues are the … Read more

Bade Bhai sahab class 10

bade bhai sahab class 10 pdf

Bade bhai sahab class 10 pdf: This story is written by Premchand 80-90 years ago when the culture was totally different from today’s times. Premchand is an Indian writer who was born on 31 July 1880 near Varanasi, India and died October 8, 1936, Varanasi. He is also known as Dhanpat Rai and Nawab rai.  … Read more

Life Processes class 10

life processes class 10

life processes class 10 notes: Movement is a sign of life, but sometimes we find living things without any movement, but they have tissues that are not visible to our naked eyes. We all know that living things are made up of organs, organs are made up of tissues, and finally cells, these cells are … Read more

Art integrated Project

art integrated project

Art integrated project ideas: Art integrated learning is about the learning model, in simple language it is based on learning through the arts and learning with the arts including both visual and performing arts and if possible other forms of art as well. It is a process where art becomes the medium of teaching in … Read more

Consumer awareness project class 10

consumer awareness project class 10

consumer awareness project class 10: In the modern world, marketing is playing a major role in our lives,the market is getting shrewd and sometimes consumers have to suffer the brunt of it. Misleading, frauds, underweight, low quality, expired, Over MRP etc are the malpractices done by the cunning sellers or manufacturer just to get profit. … Read more

Nelson mandela class 10 PDF

nelson mandela class 10 pdf

Nelson mandela class 10 pdf download: This is the second chapter of class 10 english book first flight that cover the story of first black president of South Africa Mr. Nelson mandela. In his book he describes their journey in detail, how he became the first black president, various problems he faced during his journey … Read more

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