Consumer Awareness Project Class 10 PDF

Consumer awareness project class 10: In the modern world, marketing is playing a major role in our lives,the market is getting shrewd and sometimes consumers have to suffer the brunt of it. Misleading, frauds, underweight, low quality, expired, Over MRP etc are the malpractices done by the cunning sellers or manufacturer just to get profit. On the other hand, consumers have to suffer from these malpractices. 

CONSUMER AWARENESS means whether the buyer or consumer is aware of details and information provided by the seller or product producer is genuine or not, it also ensures that there is not any kind of exploitation of the consumer.

Consumer awareness project class 10 pdf

Not only product, it can be service, goods, or facility too. One must be completely aware and acknowledged of what he/she is going to purchase. 

Government has already made various laws and is constantly working on it like enforcing sellers, running campaigns to make consumers aware of their rights

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Under the CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT 1986 there are legal provisions that are offered to the consumer which empowers them

to take strict actions towards the seller or provider if there is any case of fraud, mischief, rudeness, false advertisement etc. 

Rights of Consumer are listed below:- 

  • Right to information 
  • Right to seek redressal 
  • Right to choose the product 
  • Right to be consumer education 
  • Freedom of choice 

These are some of the basic rights which are needed to keep in mind while consuming to know in detail refer the below link


Not only is the government responsible for the consumer, one must be responsible for himself too. 

Some responsibilities are mentioned below which must be kept in mind while consuming:- 

  • Consumers should read the information provided on the product or service. 
  • Consumers should enquire about the warranty or replacement related policies. 
  • Consumers should ask for a proper bill for the product or service after purchasing. 
  • Consumers shouldn’t purchase any item or service if there is a lack of information.
  • Consumers should ensure the warranty and quality of the product. 
  • Consumers should never purchase any service or product from an unauthorized company. 
  • Consumers should never buy products or services that go against government policies. 
  • Consumers should not buy any item or service that can harm their health or lives. 
  • Consumers should lodge a complaint if there is any case of exploiting consumers’ rights. 

What if a complaint is lodged by consumer 

In case if consumer files report something illegal or misleading at the end of the seller, then under the consumer protection act 1986, the seller or manufacturer may be fined or jailed. Their license may get canceled and he/she can not get back to his/ her business in future officially. 

Violation of Consumer Rights is a crime and it comes under fraud and misleading categories

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Lets Conclude 

In our daily lives we are consuming the products for our requirement, that’s why we need to stay aware from frauds and cheats done by the provider. 

Knowledge of Consumer Rights is a powerful weapon to deal with these problems. If we look at the statistics provided by the agencies there are numerous fraud cases getting lodged every year but with the laws and awareness one can freely and confidently purchase the service or goods without getting exploited.

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