Consumer Rights Project Class 10 PDF

consumer rights project class 10

Consumer rights project class 10 pdf: According to Consumer Protection Act 1986, section 2(7), “consumer” means any person who buys any goods for a consideration (something in return) which has been paid or promised, and includes any user of such goods who purchase those goods for personal use, but does not include a person who … Read more

Social Issues Project class 10 PDF

social issues project class 10

Social issues project class 10 PDF: A social issue is an issue that influences many individuals inside the general public. It is a gathering of normal issues in present-day society and ones that many individuals endeavor to settle. It isn’t unexpected the outcome of variables reaching out past a singular’s control. Social issues are the … Read more

India Year Book PDF Download

india year book pdf

India year book pdf download- Hey everyone, in this article we will share with you the one of the most popular books that is India year book pdf. The India year book 2024 covers the aspects of knowledge from rural to urban, economy, defence, infrastructure and development, education and other. The book provides updated information … Read more

Shiv Chalisa PDF Download

Shiv chalisa pdf

Shiv chalisa pdf download free: Shiv chalisa is the Hindu religion devotional hymn that consists of 40 chaupais that can recite daily or occasionally. Forty chaupais on shiva are adapted from the shiv purana (Shiva Purana is one of the eighteen major Puranas that was written by the Romaharshana). Mostly it is recited on the … Read more

Lexicon for Ethics Integrity and Aptitude PDF

lexicon for ethics pdf

Lexicon for ethics integrity and aptitude pdf –Hello everyone, in this article we will discuss the most popular book for the upsc civil services examinations that is lexicon for ethics pdf. This ethics integrity and aptitude lexicon pdf book covers the lexicon section in a very detailed and comprehensive manner. Aspirants, who are preparing for … Read more

10th class all Subject Books PDF

10th class all subject books pdf

10th class all subject books pdf download: In this article we are going to discuss the subjects and books which are taught in class X.  Class X is also known as High School. School or educational institutions are instructed to teach on the behalf of NCERT(National Council Of Education Research and Training) books because board exams … Read more

Makkar IELTS speaking PDF

makkar ielts speaking pdf

Makkar ielts speaking pdf download: Everyone wants to speak fluent English or we desire to write, speak and communicate in English language but usually most of them think it’s very difficult and not even try to learn it. As we all know English is a very important language and it is demanded everywhere whether it … Read more

Ebalbharati Books PDF 10th class PDF free Download

ebalbharati books pdf 10th class

Ebalbharati books pdf 10th class- Hello everyone, in this article we will discuss the ebalbharti question paper, ebalbharti practice paper, ebalbharti 11th paper and various other books.  Ebalbharati is an e-initiative by Maharashtra State Bureau of Textbook Production & Curriculum Research, Pune. Under this students can download pdf of various textbooks free of cost. Ebalbharati … Read more