Disaster management project class 9

disaster management project class 9

Disaster management project class 9: A disaster is defined as a catastrophic event that causes the loss of human lives and economic assets.  United  Nations has divided disasters into two parts i.e. Man made and Natural disasters. The International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies defines disaster management as the organization and management … Read more

Class 9 English Grammar book PDF

class 9 english grammar book pdf

Class 9 english grammar book pdf: English is the language of choice throughout the world today. It has become an international language due to being the language of trade, communication, science, and major international media. As a Class 9 or a Class 10 student who is from CBSE Board, ICSE Board, State Board or even … Read more

Class 9 computer book PDF

class 9 computer book pdf

Ncert class 9 computer book pdf: In present time the use of technology is everywhere whether it is education, workplace or organization etc, it is needed to do the work more effectively and efficiently. Information Communication Technology (ICT) covers all the modes used to communicate with the help of technologies such as internet, computer,  local … Read more

Physical features of India class 9 PDF

physical features of india class 9 pdf

Physical features of india class 9 pdf: NCERT class 9 textbook of geography contains the chapter 2 physical features of india that in a comprehensive way, so that students can simply understand the matter. The content is explained with the help of various diagrams, pictures, tables that make the learning easy and simple.  At the … Read more

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