Rain water harvesting project PDF      

Rain water harvesting project pdf: Water is an essential component for various forms whether it may be a human being or animal or the vegetation water is an essential factor which may be collected and in that case water actually to sustain the life you have to have adequate supply of the water and it’s supposed that is an insufficient supply of the waters. That’s why the rain water harvesting order comes into existence or any other source other than the rain water harvesting comes into school. 

Rain water harvesting is a technology used for collecting and storing the rainwater from the rooftops and the land surface on the roof catchments. The rain water harvesting is a sustainable process that helps in preserving the water for the future needs. 

Rain water harvesting project pdf

In case of the non rainfall Seasons when there is a low quantity of the water available in that case you can go for the rainwater harvesting in which you can store the water in a large quantity which can be used during the non rainfall periods. 

The need for the rain water harvesting

  • It prevents the soil erosion 
  • It prevents the depletion of the underground water and the replenish the water table
  • Increases the Awareness of the conserving the water and 
  • Reduce the rate of the surface runoff 

To preserve the water which can be utilized during the non rainfall periods so that it can have a sustainable life for all the human beings and animals. As water is a very essential factor for all living things.

The main goal: 

  • Improve the living conditions as a you can increase the crop production and even you can reduce the water save the groundwater table and hence you can increase the level level over the and 
  • its substituted the groundwater and 
  • reduces the flood risk and 
  • reduce the soil erosion risk and 
  • it recharge the groundwater 

These are the main goals of the rainwater harvesting 

Depending upon the classification and the depending upon the purpose of the purpose of the water so there are two types of the rainwater harvesting 

  • the first one is the surface runoff harvesting and 
  • Second is the roof top rainwater harvesting 

components of the rooftop rainwater harvesting system

  • Roof catchment
  • Drain pipes
  • Gutters
  • Down pipe
  • First flush pipe
  • Filter unit
  • Storage tank
  • Collection sump
  • Pump unit


rain water harvesting project pdf class 12
rain water harvesting project

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