Art Integrated Project Class 10 CBSE

Art integrated project class 10: Art integrated learning is about the learning model, in simple language it is based on learning through the arts and learning with the arts including both visual and performing arts and if possible other forms of art as well. It is a process where art becomes the medium of teaching in classrooms and innovative learning for students.

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  •     What is the meaning of art integrated learning
  •     Significance of art integrated learning
  •     Purpose of new rules for art education
  •     New rules of CBSE regarding art education

 Art integrated project class 10

It has been introduced by CBSE in school to bring a needed change in the pattern of educating students. Integration of Arts for learning means, including arts (which includes visual arts, performing arts, literary arts, and others) not as a different subject instead of that making it as an integral part of the teaching and learning process in the classroom itself, it also implies adopting an art integrated curriculum where art becomes the basis of the classroom learning and it also becomes the main part of teaching in schools.

 Significance Of Art Integrated Learning

  1.  Simplifying and clarifying the concept – learning arts is necessary to simplify the subject and let it be easier for the student to understand better.
  2. Learner-centric– helps a teacher to create a way of teaching which makes a difficult topic also easy to understand.
  3. Easy linking– All subjects such as mathematics, Sciences, Social Sciences, Languages, and their abstract concepts can be very easily linked which creates a holistic understanding of a concept altogether.
  4. Joyful learning– it creates learning interesting and lets all participate as well, overall creating a joyful classroom.
  5. Experimental learning– many concepts make a good understanding when they are taught with examples and experiments within or outside the school premises, art integrated learning opens doors for that as well.

Purpose of new rules for art education

The first and foremost purpose is to make sure that the conventional way of rote learning can be shown a door outside the education system.
Secondly, enriching the content of books with knowledge and making it memorized in a long-lasting way.
Thirdly, giving scope to creative learning, classroom innovations, different thinking, giving importance to new ideas of a student.

New guidelines of CBSE regarding art education

For CBSE affiliated schools, the Board mandates the following aspects:

Mandatory Art Education:

  1.  Art Integrated Education is mandatory for classes 1 to 10. Every school shall compulsorily reserve a minimum of two periods per week, per class, for Art education.
  2. Art teaching itself should cover, as far as possible, all four major spheres, i.e. music, dance, visual arts (including crafts] and theater, in all schools.
  3. It can also include the culinary art form.
  4. It is particularly recommended that the students of upper primary sections, that is classes 6 to 8. should also be introduced to culinary arts.
  5. Art must be integrated with the teaching and learning process of all academic subjects from classes 1 to 12.

Finally, in support of art education, the present system of learning has compromised the children’s own ability to come up with different solutions and brainstorm. In the present system, it is mainly about following the set patterns which consequently subverts the cognitive and innovation quotient of a student. In this regard following a mandatory art education at all levels of learning was the need of the hour.

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