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the importance of being earnest pdf: The importance of being earnest Played from Oscar Wilde first performed in 1895. It’s his most enduringly popular play we meet Algernon, Moncrieff and Jack Worthing in the flat of Algeron and in London. He is expecting his aunt lady Bracknell and her daughter Gwendoline Algernon is arguing with his Butler about the tea sandwiches and bread with butter for the expected guests but then Jack arrives who is posing as Ernest Worthing.  

Whenever Ernest learns that Gwendolyn is expected he’s thrilled because he plans to propose to her but Algernon is against this unless Ernest tells him who Cecily is at first Ernest says he doesn’t know of any such person but when Algernon shows a cigarette case Ernest had left there with the inscription from little Cecily to hurt dear uncle Jack.  

the importance of being earnest pdf

He finally confesses that his real name is Jack Ernest is the name he uses in the city and Jack in the country since he is the guardian a young woman like Cecily, he must be of great integrity but this gets to be difficult, so whenever he wants to let go, he tells her his loose younger brother Ernest is causing trouble and he must go to sort it out. 

Then he changes to this alter ego when he gets to the city but Cecily has become interested in earnest and since Jack wants to marry Gwendolyn, he has decided Ernest must die somehow Algernon disagrees since he has an imaginary friend bunbury who lives in the country. 

This man gets hill whenever Algernon wants to get out of a certain situation, he gives him the excuse to rush away, then he theorizes that a married man needs such things to cope with the stress of married life. 

When lady Bracknell and Gwendolyn arrived lady Bracknell is gossiping about a friend of hers then lady Bracknell tells Algernon of the woman, he will escort in to dinner at her house in the evening Algernon informs her his friend bunbury is ill and he must see to him lady Bracknell asks when bunbury is going to make up his mind whether to live or die.  

When Jack and Gwendolyn are finally alone Gwendolyn beats him to the punch and proposes to him, she says she can’t imagine marrying any other man that one with the name Ernest such a confidence inspiring name, when her mother returned she announces her engagement this makes lady Bracknell asked Jack about his prospects he’s well connected rich and has quite some land but when he confesses he doesn’t know who his real parents has since his adoptive father found him in a handbag at Victoria station she is immediately opposed to the wedding and takes Gwendolyn with her.  

oscar wilde the importance of being earnest pdf

 As she leaves when Algernon returns, Jack tells him that this doesn’t change the fact they’re engaged algin and asks him if he will tell her about being Jack in the country and earnest in the city or if he told her about cecily, Jack says that he plans to kill off earnest anyway so no point in telling her that and he sure she will love Cecily when they meet Gwendolyn comes back to tell Jack. 

She was moved by his story and asks Jack his address in the country which algin and also writes down slightly as Jack helps her leave with her carriage Algernon informs his Butler he’s going to the country at the country estate of Jack Worthing, Cecily is talking to her governess miss prism miss prism tells Cecily her uncle wants her to improve herself but she says she thinks he’s boring when they talk about Jack’s brother earnest Cecily says she thinks she could reform him but miss prim disagrees when the vicar arrives.  

Dr chasse Uebel Cecily sent him and miss prism on a walk since she knows they are interested in each other at the house Ernest Worthing is announced as Algernon derives proposing as earnest Cecily tells him Jack isn’t supposed to be back until Monday, Ernest says maybe she could reform him but she says it will have to wait until the afternoon when doctor Chasuble Berlin, miss prison return. 

They see Jack who says his brother has died they expressed their condolences and then Jack remembers Gwendoline wants to marry a man with the name earnest. So, he arranges for the vicar to baptize him as earnest that afternoon when Cecily arrived, she tells them Ernest has arrived when Jack sees Algernon, he’s very mad at him he’s at his home pretending to be earnest Jack gets even madder when he hears Algernon has been speaking to Cecily about the help, he gave his friend bunbury. 

 She’s praising him for being a good friend Jack his hands are tied if he exposes Algernon, he exposes himself Algernon his developing feelings for Cecily and when he sees her again, he asks her to marry him. 

She says that in her head they have been engaged for a while the stories from Jack sparked her imagination and she dreamed up a love story with Ernest. Cecily says she loves the name Ernest just like Gwendolyn, she thinks the name inspires confidence this makes Algernon leave to find Dr Chassell to get christened is earnest when Gwendolyn arrives at the house, she meets Cecily whom she didn’t even know existed.

Cecily orders Tea for them Gwendolyn feels jealous since Cecily is a young and pretty ward of Mr Worthing but she discovers she’s the ward of Jack and not earnest then Cecily says she’s engaged to Ernest to which Gwendolyn replies that this is impossible since she is engaged to him as well after some civilized arguing Jack walks in and Gwendolyn asks him if he’s engaged to Cecily, he denies it and Cecily says that his name is Jack Worthing not earnest. 

When Algernon arrives and Cecily calls him earnest, he denies being engaged to Gwendolyn and confesses his names his Algernon not earnest the women are indignant they finally ask where Ernest is and Jack finally confesses to having no brother at all so neither of the women seem to be engaged to anyone the two women are sisters in their misery Jack and Algernon are arguing about the mistakes they made, Jack is relieved there can’t be no more bunbury to cover for Algernon. 

 Algernon says he’s happy there can be no littler brother to allow for jacks’ trips to the city. Jack says he just wanted to marry Gwendolyn because he loved her and Algernon said he just wanted to marry Cecily because he loved her. Jack wants to know how Algernon could play with the affections of such an innocent young woman Algernon wants to know how Jack could play with the affections of such an intelligent woman.  

Both men are at a loss and sad but both still plan to be christened earnest Jack thinks since he can’t prove he was ever christened. It is OK for him to be christened but Algernon says that since he has definitely been christened, he has the experience on his side.

It might prove dangerous to jacks health to get wet the two ladies want to forgive the men Cecily confronts alganon and asks him why he lied to her he says he was so attracted to her and just wanted to meet her Gwendolyn asked Jack if the reason he pretended to be earnest is, so he could see more of her even though that isn’t the reason he invented a brother Jack goes along with this. Stop any further plans of marriage Jack is still unsuitable when she sees Algernon, she asks about his friend bunbury and he replies he’s dead the good news is he’s going to marry Cecily jack refuses to allow the marriage unless he can marry Gwendolyn. 

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importance of being earnest pdf
the importance of being earnest by oscar wilde


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