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Five point someone pdf download: This book is all around the four-character Alok, Hari, Ryan and Neha. This book is very much similar with the 3-idiot movie, you can easily relate this story with the movie. Let’s discuss each character one by one and understand the whole summary of the book five point someone. Ryan belongs to an affluent family hated his parents for the reason that they keep flying abroad and would not spend time with him.

Hari is very smart and daring he raises his voice against injustice and he is also a kind of blood guy belongs to a mediocre family, he suffers from a lack of confidence and wants to become an engineer and earn a lot of money whereas Alok is completely different personality, he’s a nerdy boy, emotional and still keeps the paintbrush given by his father inside his geometry box due to his affection for his father belongs to a poor family moreover his family has been living in since forever his mother is a biology teacher and his father is paralyzed. 

Five point someone pdf download

The mother is the only one who is putting money in the family and running and his family, has a lot of expectation from him whereas Alok has does not want to disappoint them in college and Alok meets and befriends each other Ryan and Hari.   

They are very good friends one night they plan to go for a movie, but Alok is bothered about the next day’s paper but at last he also joins them in the movie. After a few days, when the results come out and all of them get very poor marks Alok get super angry at Ryan excited to go to the movie on the biggest day of the exam again have a tense discussion on study. 

Hence finally they decided to study regularly for two to three hours every day one morning Hari was installing on the college campus abruptly he notices a car coming towards him, it was not being controlled properly finally the car passes by him from very close due to being to an improper. Hari gets scared of him however when he finds himself safe gasping relaxation the good on the other hand was baffled to see rushes out of the car properly and asked her whether he was fine.  

She was so athletic and gorgeous she was tall slim and had long hairs moment she was getting out of the car first notices her long legs never saw such legs his entire life by then sandals on her amazing legs seemed to him like a crown or the creature just by seeing those next time we speculate about the whole when he notices her rushing towards him appeal for getting over her eyes however she was completely falling to keep them away.  

five point someone summary pdf

She looked like an Angel to him he voluntarily falls in love with him although he does not let her protect his exotic feelings for her what’s your name she offers to drop him at Hari except she introduces herself as daughter of head of the department who is very strict and disciplined bold man.  

After a while they reached the destination where Hari was supposed to get but while saying bye to each other Ryan and Alok sees that together thereafter they warned him to stay away from her, but they did not know that he had already fallen in love with him by that time.

One day Ryan gets a piece of good news he has been credited hefty amount in his account hence base is the master fees, and the rest of the maid amount is spent on buying a new suitor. There after their loitering increases even more they would quite often go for an outing at night and do a lot of fun together although allowed would not participate in their loitering every time abruptly.  

One day Alok father get serious and was required to be hospitalized and Hari joined Alok in his trouble and assures to help him the visit his house and notice the poor condition of his family all who are honored very apparently overlooked and hospitalized his father promptly threw a taxi then after they motivate alone and after his father gets back home he also returned to the hostel against the months of constant enjoyment exam starts and again they again disappointed with himself this time thereby he decided to shift himself with Venkat Topper of his class, meanwhile he tried to stop him from leaving them but he does not stop. 

But again one day Alok father needed his help and Alok request went out to help him but he refuses to help him thereafter alone even leads to him but he does not change his mind last he was busy cramming the notes there, meanwhile Ryan was listening to a loop treating badly and asking for help thereby he forgets all the bitterness and helps him to get his father hospitalized then again they all together.   

To know more about the book summary, refer the book pdf or choose to buy a hard copy for detailed explanations.  

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five point someone pdf
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