10 lines Short Stories with Moral PDF

10 lines short stories with moral pdf: Story-1: Once upon a time, a person was coming to new places as he wanted to relocate and he found a place and he wondered if he would like the place.

So he went to the wisest man of that village who was known as the master and asked “do you think I will like this village?  Are the people nicer?”

 The master asked back “how were the people in the town where you came from”?

“They were all bad people, they always tried to steal from others, always betray everyone. This is the reason I am moving to a new place,” said the newcomer.

“then there is no good in locating to this place as well as the people here are same as you told at your last location was,” said the master

A day later another newcomer to the village visited the master and asked the same question to which the master asked “how were the people in the town where you come from?”

“They were good people, always helped everyone, always try to make everyone happy and lived with peace,” he replied.

“Well you have come to the right place then as people around here are the same as you described people of your,” said the master.

 Moral- whatever you see in the world will see in you so, always see hope, see good, see love, and the world will see the same in you. 

10 lines short stories with moral in english pdf

Story-2: Self-awareness

a short young man went to a medical store, which had a public telephone booth, to make a call.

Since he couldn’t reach the phone due to his short height, he pulled a carton over to the telephone, climbed up on the carton to reach the buttons on the phone, and finally he dialed the number.

He wanted to call the store. The owner was keenly watching all this and decided to listen to the conversation, 

The young man said, “Ma’am can you please give me the job of cutting your lawn? I need a job”.

A woman at the other end of the phone replied “I’m sorry, I already have someone to cut my lawn”.

The young man pleaded “please ma’am I’ll do it for half of what you pay to the person who cut your lawn”

Now the lady replied “look I’m very satisfied with the person who’s presently cutting my lawn sorry” 

The young man wasn’t giving up and said “I’ll even sweep and mop the porch in your house and trust me you’ll have one of the prettiest lawns in your neighborhood”.

The woman replied, “I am sorry but I don’t need another person thank you”. The young man hung up the call. 

The store owner who was listening to all this walked over to the man and said “Son, I like you. I like that positive spirit of yours, that ‘never give up attitude, and I would like to offer you a job.”

Very graciously the young man replied, “I’m very grateful for your offer, thank you but I may not need your job”. 

A little surprised the store owner said “but for all this while weren’t you pleading to get the job” 

The man said, “no sir I was just checking my performance at the job I already have. I am the one who is working for that lady I was talking to”. 

Moral of the story

so, it needs the courage to get an unbiased opinion about ourselves but if we do we get a thorough understanding of where we stand, we see where we need to improve.

short stories in english with moral pdf

Story 3: Humanity

Once a father took his kid to a temple and at the gate of the temple, there was a statue of 4 lions.

The kid was scared and he shouted “dad, there are lions in front of us, run! Or they will eat us”.

Dad answered, “no kid, these are just statues they can’t eat or see us”.

The kid replied “if these can’t eat us then how this statue of the god in the temple can give us blessing or anything we need”

Moral of the story

His dad was speechless, as he just learned a powerful lesson that we should seek God in humanity, which can see or feel us or can help us. Helping each other is key to finding God and receiving blessings.


short stories in english with moral pdf
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