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Bhagavad gita by geeta pariwar pdf in hindi: श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता is one of the best sources to attain a great knowledge and guidance in your life. All those who have read this or newbie who are searching for the Bhagwat Gita to read, then there is good news. Here, we came with the recently release Sarala Pathania Bhagavad gita by GEETA PARIWAR.  

This book is designed is Hindi language, so that reader can easily read and understand the text and gain knowledge.  So, all those candidates looking for the geeta pariwar book can easily refer the below link to buy it online or the one who are searching for Bhagwat geeta pdf download link, they can refer the below pdf link to download it.  

Bhagavad gita by geeta pariwar pdf 

Apart from the pdf, here we are going to discuss with you some important knowledge or we can say the essence of Bhagwat Gita in brief.  

Bhagwat Geeta is an image of yourself which they are giving, you are not complex, don’t do this unfairness to yourself that you only recognize with this and allow the whole world to identifying with this. 

You are functioning the body mind complex, you are divinity itself personify in this form, this is your real nature and maintain that divinity it does not change, it cannot be in any way handle, it cannot be in any way water down what essentially that this is the message of the Bhagwat Gita. 

You are essentially consciousness functioning through this body mind complex. you are of the nature of existence consciousness and delight itself all power is within you, all strength is within you, all knowledge is within you that is why and you can Ringgold whatever you want if you train the system. 

This body mind complex Vivekananda used to say call upon the sleeping soul and see how it awakens, power will come glory, will come, goodness will, come purity will come, all that is excellent will come. 

Once the soul is prompt to self-conscious activity this is the goal of human life self-knowledge self-realization.  

This is your very nature how can you not ask about it in this present state of experience also who can feel the reality of this because you know there is an unchanging. 

In the haze of all the changes of life you see you were that infant, you were that teenager, you were that youngster now maybe you’re getting on in years, but it is common to all of this. 

Bhagavad gita essence english

You are aware of the body mind complex; body mind is not aware of fuel so you are separate from them so many clues are scattered in your everyday experience. 

You stop thought in meditation you would be awareness are having the experience of life through this body mind complex. 

This is in your own experience at any given moment of time only, you have not thought about it what a great injustice you see, this is what is meant by not allowing human life to rise to its full potential Vivekananda used to define religion as expressing bringing out the divinity already in man.  

This is the real concept of religion; this is the real thing about the open shade philosophy that you bring out your inherent potential divinity through this understanding through this knowledge.  

You know that itself brings great strength into your life how any change happening with the body any change happening with the mind you will be perfectly comfortable with it.  

So, this is the great strength and self-confidence and courage it brings into your life it brings clarity to your mind isn’t it this kind of penetration into the source of your brain being it comes only when the mind becomes very clear, and this clarity will help you achieve anything that you want in life. 

So strength comes clarity comes naturally, success and fulfillment will come with this and most of all the psychological problems with which our youngsters face they will go out of your life because psychological problems only come when the mind is untrained, when the mind is well trained into a knowledge of this kind you will only build positivity in your life. 

All these negative wrong attitudes fears anxiety depression they were just not come into such a mind because it has touched its source so great is the blessing of self-knowledge. 

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Book Name bhagavad gita by geeta pariwar pdf in hindi
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Bhagwat Geeta PDF
sarala pathaniya bhagavad gita


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