NGO Full Form- Non-Governmental Organization

NGO Full Form
Non-Governmental Organization

Hello Everyone, In this article we will discuss about the full form of NGO, about NGO, purpose of NGO, how to join NGO and other information.

The full form of NGO is Non-Governmental Organization. NGO is a non profit,non government, non-business organization, that is formed to solve society’s problems.

NGO is a term that is applied to groups active at the domestic level politics.

NGOs play a very prominent role in important activities and campaign, such as abolition of slavery, domestic violence, prohibition of alcohol etc.

It can also be said that, it is an initiative taken by citizens to solve the people or society problems, as we know government alone can’t handle all issues and problems.

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Types of NGO

Some of the types of NGOs are as follows:

  • Charity NGOs
  • Relief and Rehabilitation NGOs
  • Service Providing NGOs
  • Economic Development NGOs
  • Social Development NGOs
  • Empowerment NGOs
  • Network NGOs
  • Support NGOs

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Charity NGOs

Charity NGO are those NGOs which offer food, clothes, shelter and other necessary to live life.

Relief and Rehabilitation NGOs

Relief and Rehabilitation NGOs are those types of NGOs which provide help during natural calamities like flood and disaster, fire etc.

Service Providing NGOs

Service Providing NGOs are those NGOs which provide service to poor people such as Hospitals, School, Education, Training programme etc.

Economic Development NGOs

Economic Development NGOs mainly work to raise the income of poor people by providing employment opportunity.

Social Development NGOs

These types of NGOs focus more on social facets of the community.

Empowerment NGOs

These NGOs work on empowering community by spreading awareness and with educational interventions.

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