Model Activity Task Class 10 PDF

model activity task class 10 pdf: মডেল কার্যকলাপ টাস্ক In class 10th Model Activity gains higher concentration and attention from the students. Students have already been in the environment of Model activities since earlier classes but with reference to class 10th model activities are more concerned about the students and aimed towards strengthening of the knowledge. Model Activities are usually given on the back side of the books in which questions and tasks associated with the facts and knowledge of chapters are evaluated in an organized way.

Usually Model Activities are given in large numbers in reference books however Stock Books do not offer a large number of Model Activities, thus students aspire towards Reference books which help them in understanding the facts and knowledge along with this Model Activities help them in strengthening of theoretical facts and understanding. 

model activity task class 10 pdf

Model Activities are a bundle or collection of questions which require Higher Order Thinking Skills and Values Based Knowledge. 

These Model Activities may have combined questions in which multiple logics and facts are required to be implemented at the same time to get the satisfactory answer. 

Sometimes Model Activities may require file work or project works in the form of Presentation to support your answer. There is one more thing that Model Activities can be done alone or with team work too. 

Usually subject teachers allocate groups with different Model Activities which helps the students a lot because working together with the other students helps in sharing of ideas and learning. 

Benefits of Model Activities task

There are numerous benefits of indulging in Model Activities. Some of them are:-

  • Model Activities increase the interest of students in their subjects
  • Model Activities help in gaining deeper knowledge of the subject 
  • Doing Model Activities results in brushing up of knowledge and students can house facts and knowledge for very long time
  • Model Activities allows mind to run at different levels which gives students new ideas and learnings
  • Model Activities in which multiple students work at a single task have a pool of knowledge which ultimately gives them enhancement in the bulk of understanding 
  • Students come to know the practicality of the subject through Model Activities 

Subject wise list of some Model Works in Class 10 

Social Science 

  • Making Dams or Reservoirs 
  • Showing Wind Effects and Energy production in hilly areas
  • Irrigation system in terrain and sloppy regions 
  • Soil Variations in different regions, Etc


  • Electricity Conservation 
  • Electroscope to demonstrate charge 
  • Making of a complete circuit using Bulb, Switch, Wire, Plug etc


  • Representing Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions
  •  Transformation of Energy through Chemical Reactions


  • Calculating Heights and lengths using Trigonometric Values and Identities accompanied by File Work
  • Preparing Statistical Data of your own class or of other classes. Etc


  • Model representing the working of Kidney
  • Model for representing the function of heart
  • Importance of Photosynthesis Process
  • Reproduction in Plants, Grafting, Budding, Fragmentation etc


Model Activities have always been an interesting topic among the students in which students come forward to show their inclusiveness and creativity. This also makes students to implement the theoretical knowledge to the ground which is really a nice step for making factual and theoretical understanding stronger and stiffer. 

Students groups are rewarded on the basis of their presentations, consequently the feeling of dedication towards studies and activities arouses in them.



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