Chemical formulas list for class 10 PDF

chemical formulas list for class 10 pdf download: Chemical Formula is defined as the way of representing the chemicals taking part in a chemical reaction or compound/molecule. In other words  Chemical formula gives information about the name of atoms or molecules which are constituted to make compounds. 

For Example:- NaOH is known as Sodium Hydroxide in Chemistry. 

Chemical formulas list for class 10

In the above example, “Na” and “OH” are Sodium ions and Hydroxide ions respectively together to form NaOH. This helps to recognize which ions/atoms/molecules have joined to make the compound. 

Not only the name of the compound it also tells the number of atoms/molecules taking part in reaction or simple compound. 

These types of chemical formulas used in general chemistry are called empirical formulas. 

Importance of Chemical Formula

Chemical formula tells us about the number of atoms taking part in a chemical reaction. Thus it helps in balancing the equation. It also tells the name of compound, number of molecules/atoms/ions in compounds. 

Not only balancing, chemical formulas exhibit the nature of molecules or compounds. (Balancing the equation details will be found in next heading) 

Chemical substance can be in the form of solid, liquid, gaseous, granular form, diluted, aqueous, etc. 

Hence, along with chemical formulas we use some symbols and notations to denote their nature. 

  • We use (s) just after chemical formula which tells us that chemical is in solid state
  • Chemical formula having (l) mentioned just after its name tells that chemical is in liquid form. Similarly (g) denotes the gaseous state of the chemical used. 
  • We use (ppt) to denote the state of chemical which means it is precipitate or in granular form
  • (Aq) and (dil.) show that chemical is Aqueous and Dilute respectively 
  • Evolution of heat is denoted by up arrow and precipitate left or by product is denoted by down arrow

How Chemical formula helps in Balancing 

It is necessary to balance the equation, an unbalanced equation will not undergo any desired reaction. Balancing the equation means that there should be an equal number of atoms on either side of the equation, meaning the number of atoms in reacting atoms should be equal to the number of atoms in the product. 

Thus balancing of the equation is compulsory to start the reactions. Balancing is done by the use of chemical formula, we write the reactant and product side by side then we try to match the number of atoms on both sides. 

Balancing is done on the basis of weight also, which means total molecular weight of reactants should be equal to the total molecular weight of products. It follows law of conservation of mass. 

Uses of Chemical Formula

There are many uses of chemical formula which are given below:-

  • It helps in identifying the chemicals
  • It helps in balancing the equation 
  • Helps in identifying the state of the chemicals used
  • Study of terms like displacement of reaction, oxidation reaction, redox reaction, etc is easily determined by the use of chemical formula
  • Chemical formula makes the use of atom names, which is a nice thing to go through most of the atomic names. 

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