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The intelligent investor pdf download: The book was written by one of the well known investors and also the Guru of Warren Buffet Benjamin Graham. He was an American Economist and a well known professional investor. 

The primary purpose of this book is to teach the common man about successful investment policy. It is for those who want to learn about investment not trading. 

The intelligent investor pdf download

The book are diversified in three parts:

Who is an intelligent investor?

  • Defensive investor
  • Enterprising investor
  • Aggressive investor

The intelligent investor pdf book details

  • Book Name –the intelligent investor book
  • Format– PDF
  • Author– Benjamin Graham
  • Size– mb
  • Page- 623
  • Subject– Investment
  • Language– English 
  • Publications- Harper Business

Before going further we will first understand who is an intelligent investor, why investment is required etc.

We all are very much familiar with the term inflation that decreases the value of our money every year. Let’s understand with the help of example assume today you bought a X product cost 100Rs, next year as the inflation rise the product cost will be 105 now you can’t bought the same product in 100Rs, so to beat the inflation our money have to beat the inflation and that’s why investment is needed. 

Defensive investors also known as passive investors who avoid high losses or mistakes. He doesn’t buy more when ,market is up and does not panic when it goes down.

Defensive investors consider a 50% bonds and 50% stock approach. It should be diversified based on various factors such as age, time, risk capacity etc. First study the financial statement of the company before investing.

Mutual funds can also be the best option to diversify their portfolio. Index funds are also a good option to invest in good stocks and bonds.
Keep the index fund for the period of 20 years to get high returns. Keep 90% of your money in an index fund and 10 to pick your own stocks.

Enterprising investors are also called active or aggressive investors that devote their time and effort in selecting the right stock that also gives high returns. 

It starts from the base of defensive investors but over the period they diversify their portfolio. An investor should not be involved in day trading, foreign bonds and high yield bonds.

Develop discipline to be a successful investor. For a successful investor it is important to manage risk not to avoid it.

Content of the intelligent investor pdf download

  1. Investment versus Speculation: Results to Be Expected by the Intelligent Investor
  2. The Investor and Inflation
  3. A Century of Stock-Market History: The Level of Stock Prices in Early 1972
  4. General Portfolio Policy: The Defensive Investor
  5. The Defensive Investor and Common Stocks
  6. Portfolio Policy for the Enterprising Investor: Negative Approach
  7. Portfolio Policy for the Enterprising Investor
  8. The Investors and Market Fluctuations
  9. Investing in Investment Funds
  10. The Investor and His Advisers
  11. Security Analysis for the Lay Investor
  12. Things to Consider About Per-Share Earnings
  13. A Comparison of Four Listed Companies
  14. Stock Selection for the Defensive Investor
  15. Stock Selection for the Enterprising Investor
  16. Convertible Issues and Warrants
  17. Four Extremely Instructive Case Histories
  18. A Comparison of Eight Pairs of Companies
  19. Shareholders and Managements: Dividend Policy
  20. “Margin of Safety” as the Central Concept of Investment

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