Tense chart with Rules and Examples PDF

Tense chart with rules and examples pdf download: Tenses denote the time of action. There are mainly three types of Tenses which are further categorized as stated below. 

In this article we will read about Tenses with examples. 

Tense chart with rules and examples pdf

Notations and Other Information 
V1 First Form of Verb
V2 Second Form of Verb
V3 Third Form of Verb 
ing  ing form of the Verb 
For Used when ‘point of time’
Since Used when ‘period of time’ 

Present Indefinite Tense/Simple Present 

Rule (+ve)-Subject+V1+Object 

(-ve)-Subject+do not(don’t)+Object 


Examples  (+ve)-Ram goes to the office daily. 

(-ve)-Ram doesn’t breaks traffic rules

(?ve) – Does Ram obey his parents? 

Present Continuous Tense

Rule (+ve)-Subject+is/am/are+V1+ing+Object 

(-ve)-Subject+isn’t/am not/aren’t+V1+ing+object 


Example (+ve)-Mohit is studying for the exams. 

(-ve)-Mohit is not disobeying his parents. 

(?)-Is Mohit going to market? 

Present Perfect Tense

Rule (+ve)-Subject+has/have+V3+Object 



Examples (+ve)-Ravi has gone to market. 

(-ve)-Ravi has not cheated in the exams. 

(?ve)-Has Ravi completed the task? 

Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Rule (+ve)-Subject+has/have+been+V1+ing+Object +since/for+time



Examples  (+ve)-I have been studying since morning. 

(-ve)-I have not been working on the project for five days. 

(?ve)-Has Om been studying for five days? 

Simple Past/Past Indefinite 

Rule (+ve)-Subject+V2+Object

(-ve)-Subject+did not+V1+Object 


Examples  (+ve)- He went to Shimla. 

(-ve)- He didn’t follow the rules. 

(?ve)- Did he call me? 

Past Continuous Tense

Rule (+ve)-Subject+was/were+V1+ing+Object



Examples  (+ve)- Harish was going to play video games. 

(-ve)-Harish was not studying at night. 

(?ve)-Was Harish busy playing video games? 

Past Perfect Tense

Rule (+ve)-Subject+had+V3+Object. 



Examples  (+ve)- I had finished my lunch. 

(-ve)- I had not finished my dinner. 

(?ve)- Had I eaten any chocolate? 

Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Rule (+ve)-Subject+had+been+V1+ing+Object+for/since+time

(-ve)-Subject+had+not+been+V1+ing+Object +for/since+time. 


Examples  (+ve)- He had been working since evening. 

(-ve)- He had not been able to move for four months. 

(?ve)- Had he been reading the novel since morning? 

Simple Future/Future Indefinite

Rule (+ve)-Subject+Will/Shall+V1+Object



Examples  (+ve)-I shall go to work in the morning. 

(-ve)- He will not go to the office tomorrow. 

(?ve)- Shall I go to a picnic? 

Future Continuous Tense

Rule (+ve)-Subject+Will/shall+be+V1+ing+Obj



Examples  (+ve)- Geeta will be listening to the music. 

(-ve)- Geeta will not be cooking food. 

(?ve)- Will Geeta be studying? 

Future Perfect Tense

Rule (+ve)-Subject+will/shall+have+V3+Object



Examples  (+ve)-You will have finished your work

(-ve)-You will not have to study any more about this topic

(?ve)-Will You have completed the assigned task? 

Future Perfect Continuous Tense 

Rule (+ve)-Subject+will/shall+have+been+V1+ing+Object+for/from+time



Examples  (+ve)- Harshit will have been editing the video for four hours. 

(-ve)-Harshit will not have been eating any food for 9 hours

(?ve)-Will Harshit have been editing the video for four hours? 


tense chart with rules and examples pdf
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