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Rich dad poor dad pdf in english: This book is everyone favorite and one of the bestselling books yes, we are talking about the Rich dad poor dad book. Robert was glad to have two fathers in his life one his biological father (Poor dad) and one his friend Mike father (Rich dad).  When he was young, he went to his own dad his biological dad and asked his dad why we are so poor then why is my friend Mike father is so rich.  

His father replied I don’t know; I think you must go and asking why he is rich so. Robert and Mikes was very close friends and one day they asked him why your dad is so rich. Then they both go to the Mike father or Rich dad to know the answer to the question. The first step if you want to become rich this you should know how to study to be rich and you should think rich, so he gave me some lessons which I actually am going to apply, and which he applied in his life and he made a lot of money.  

Rich dad poor dad pdf in english

The first lesson was the rich never work for money, always remember the poor people and the middle-class people are the people who work for the rich people and rich are the people who hire these people, and they work for the fear of having that but the fear of not having this thing. 

So people need a job and job is just a short term solution to a long term financial problem, what is tomorrow you don’t have a job will you survive basically no you won’t be surviving, if you have a business and you don’t know what is basically a cash flow whatever session what is liability you won’t be able to survive. 

So in this thing human is only two things that is fear and greed that is the reason why we people or middle class people or poor people lacks here it’s always not how much money you make or how much money you give you might be owning a lakhs of rupees as your salary but at the end of the month you might be a poor person.  

So always remember you should know what financial literacy a financially literate people is will think twice before spending his money what is an asset basically and what is the liability.  

Asset is something that will put money in your pocket whether you work or you don’t work even if you sleep at your home something which will give you money and liability something that take money from your pocket without having any return and the problem of our people that is middle class and poor people is that they buy ourselves they buy liabilities and they think that they’re buying assets. 

Example of Gold that we all have or how that we all have is just a liability and everything that we are renting a House but then you don’t sentence that you are going to pay for the investment that we have done we are getting no returns that is the result and always remember even if you’re earning a lot of money the more income you want. 

when you’re having your own business focus on assets model income because if you are even is you might be earning a lot of money but if you don’t have any assets with you will have nothing because at certain times in life you are in your business will get high and certainly your business will get low but how you manage it and the basic question I wanted when the time should go you should always remember whether it is a need or a want. 

Rich dad poor dad pdf free download in english  

McDonald’s is the largest hamburger outfit; the owner of the McDonald’s says that he’s more income doesn’t grow from McDonald’s one of the real estates that he votes, and he is the world’s biggest real estate owner. 

The history of Texas and the power of corporations the Texas word eventually started during World War II and the basic idea of Texas was taking the money from the rich and giving it to court like we all got from the English book the story of Robin used to steal money from the rich and give it to the poor but the taxes for rich people they are so smart they hire people children and they started the corporation basically the question- corporation is something which is a legal entity and with the help of corporations you can do whatever you want. 

You can make loopholes in the law and because all the intellectual people are working under you and the rich people did the same the rich people made a corporation need a lot of money. 

They basically did was this kind a lot of money even their personal expenses such as buying a car or having something at their own house they put it in the corporation expenses and whatever money was left that is a tiny amount of money was left they were taxed on them, while the person or the employee who was working in their corporation amount of salary that he was he was liable for tax on that big amount of salary and whatever was there for him you have to stand on his own. 

The rich people are the people who invented which people have creative ideas and they are calculating the people who always believed that this will come they are always two step ahead of their things they don’t go away from them or they don’t avoid it, did you know that the mind is the most powerful acid and they make their own look no investment or the secure investment which is across going everywhere is like example bad don’t think that bank is a secure investment bank is giving you nothing as anyone invested in bank has got lots of onion return probably. 

Rich dad poor dad pdf download in english

Robert started working an early age started learning education and there he worked as a sale we started his own stockbroking of education in real estate and when he did his education, he believed that he just walked away from getting the mastery. 

 You always believe that whatever was meant for him it will come to him but he will attract the scene because he believed that job is working but you know just go and broke and he always said that giving money whenever you give money. however it is wrong to you thoughtful but think wise these are the five officers that will come towards you and this will come to every person whether whether you are rich or however these things define  

it first thing is fear no one wants to lose money there is no investor in this world who has never lost money but the difference between a rich person the poor person is how they manage their risk. 

Robert says in the example that once he did a research on an investment when he was going to buy an investment another friend of his who was not an investor tells him that this is not a good investment you shouldn’t do it and Robert target is both capabilities and he didn’t invest in other profitable investment of more than 30,000 basically means you are lazy enough to take care of yourself always remember you first you should take care of yourself and you should take care of others and this business don’t stop the negative mindset. 

If you are having a negative mindset you will always think I cannot afford this or I cannot afford this but if you honestly say how can I afford this how the vibration that you are going to give to your brain will always be positive and you will develop so much more energy that you will able to control everything what do you want. 

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rich dad poor dad pdf
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