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One indian girl book pdf by chetan bhagat: The book one india girl is about a India girl who is beautiful, well settled job or successful but finds it difficult to get love. This story is about a Girl named Radhika from Delhi who is good in studies but not popular in school. She usually feels inferiority complex as her colour is dull in comparison to her sister.

So, the story begins with a girl named Radhika Mehta working at Goldman Sachs, an investment bank in London. Radhika Mehta holds all those traits which a society can accept to see in male but it can be a criticism for a female like makes lots of money, has opinion on everything, has had a relationship before marriage. 

One indian girl book pdf

But after all her family selected a groom for her daughter and preparation for marriage begins but on her wedding day she is confused whether she should or not marry the guy whom her parents had selected.

Throughout the book, Radhika is desperately running around and shuffling everything on her plate: her soaring career, her messed-up love life, her marriage-obsessed mother and her beliefs.

One interesting fact that can be noticed in every novel of Chetan bhagat is that it consists numbers such as Revolution 2020, Three mistake of my life, Girl in room 105 and of course one Indian Girl etc. 

According to the author, the book is written to attempt to focus on feminism because it isn’t an equal world for women, and most men (also several women) don’t even realize it. In this book it tried to highlight issues such as equal rights, successful career, freedom of choice etc.

One indian girl summary

A novel one Indian girl by Chetan bhagat the story is about a girl named Radhika mehta. It’s about her attainment about her successful life about her marriage and the ups and downs that she had in her life.  

So, the story begins with Radhika mehta she is very studious hard and working but then you know she has a brown skin tone brown skin tone and because of that she is not that popular in school.  

On the other hand, her sister is a complete different than radhika mehta her name is Aditi, she is very beautiful she has a fair skin tone and she’s not that studious not that laborious still she is very pretty, and she is very admired in her school so after topping CBSE she joined Sriram college of commerce. 

She got a very high payable job in an investment bank in USA and if you talk about the salary, it is about four lakhs per month so yes, it’s very high payable on the other hand her sister Aditi got married with one of the richest guys in Delhi and got settled. 

So, in USA Radhika made Debashish and they went on a date so after their dates were over Debashish just come to her apartment and their romantic relationship turns into physical relationship and from there they started living together. 

Once they had a very bad conversation, they had a wrote in conversation after that Debashish just breaks up with Radhika so basically, he’s moves on, but Radhika didn’t. So, radhika is like completely broken physically mentally after her two breakups and she wants to leave hongkong because of Neil gupta because she don’t want to stay in touch with him anymore. 

Neil is somebody who wants to get physical with Radhika but he is not you know he’s not giving any commitment or he don’t want to get married to her which bothers Radhika a lot and so she decided to go to london and work from there. Then her mother started finding out a perfect match for Radhika. 

That she is getting married they are also there, and they wanted to get married to her so on the day of her marriage she texted both Neil gupta and Debashish in the cafe in fact she called Brijesh’s as well. 

She makes it clear that i cannot marry any one of you because deva she says somebody who wants me to die but you know when I fly higher he just clipped my wings so this is what this is how Debashish is and on the other end Neil you want me to fly higher you know you don’t want me to make family plannings or you don’t want me to see as a wife. So, this is where you went wrong and i don’t want to see both of you so just get out in a nicest way  

As everything seems too messed up in her life so she decided to go to the world tour you know to uplift her mood then after she called Brijesh’s as well to have a small conversation to have small talks and she tried to know him right from the beginning.  

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About one indian girl book pdf

Book Name one indian girl pdf chetan bhagat
Author Name chetan bhagat
Format PDF
Size mb
Pages 283
Language English
Publication Rupa Publications India

one indian girl book pdf
one indian girl book

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