Mensuration Formulas PDF

All mensuration formulas pdf: Mensuration is the measure of area, volume, length of sides of any given figure. Mensuration gives total surface area, lateral surface area/curved surface area, volume of figures which we want to calculate.

In mensuration, Volume is calculated using the third side. Thus it can  be concluded that three dimensional figures have volume but two dimensional figures have only area or surface area. 

All mensuration formulas pdf

What is 2-D FIGURE

A 2D figure is that figure which can be laid on the flat surface without possessing any notable height. 

For Ex: Square, Rectangle, Parallelogram, Rhombus, Circle etc 

What is 3D Figure

Those figures who possess three dimensions in which length, breadth and height is included is known as 3D figure. 3D figures have the capability to hold something thus they have volume. 


Volume(3D): Cubic Units
Surface Areas(2D/3D): Square Units

Formulae used in Mensuration are given in table

For 2D Figures 

Shapes/Figure AREA(Square Units)  Perimeter(Only Unit) 
SQUARE  Side² 4a
RECTANGLE Length×breadth  2(length+breadth) 
CIRCLE πr² where r is Radius 2πr
PARALLELOGRAM  Base×height 2(length+breadth) 
SCALENE TRIANGLE √[s(s−a)(s−b)(s−c)],

Where, s = (a+b+c)/2

s≈is known as Herons Formula or semi perimeter. 

RHOMBUS  (½)product of diagonals  2(length+breadth) 
TRAPEZIUM (½)sum of parallel sides×distance b/w parallel sides Sum of sides =a+b+c+d

For 3D Shapes 

SHAPES VOLUME(cubic units)  CSA/LSA(square units)  TSA(square units) 
CUBE  side³ 4×sides 6×sides
CUBOID l×b×h  2(l+b)h 2(lb+bh+hl)
SQUARE (4/3)πr³ can’t be determined  4πr²
HEMISPHERE  (2/3)πr³ can’t be determined  2πr²
CONE (⅓)πr²h πrl, where l²=h²+r² πr(l+r), where l²=h²+r²
CYLINDER  πr²h 2πrh 2πr(h+r)

Terms Used:-

CSA/LSA= Curved Surface Area/Lateral Surface Area 

TSA= Total Surface Area

  • l=length 
  • b=breadth 
  • h=height
  • r=radius 
  • l=slant height

a, b, c are sides of respective figure

Area: Area of 2D figure means how much area or portion is being covered by that figure on the surface only. 

VOLUME: Volume is the measure of capacity that an object can hold. It is a cubic unit quantity. 

TSA:– It is a measure of the area of all surfaces of that figure which is exposed and can be touched. It is a square unit quantity. 

CSA/LSA: It is the measure of area of surfaces other than base and top of any 3D object.

It is also a square unit quantity. 

Radius: In a circle the shortest distance from center to the boundary. 

Perimeter/Circumference: It is the total length of the boundary of a 2D figure. 

Diagonal: In a four sided 2D figure line joining the opposite vertices is called diagonal. In a four sided 2D figure only 2 diagonals are possible.

Height: The shortest and perpendicular distance between two lines is known as Height. 

Value Of Pie(π) =22/7 =3.14

There are two values (mentioned above) of pie in which one value can be used at a time according to preference and convenience. 

mensuration formula in hindi pdf
mensuration formula in hindi pdf


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