Chemical formulas list for class 10 PDF

chemical formulas list for class 10 pdf

chemical formulas list for class 10 pdf download: Chemical Formula is defined as the way of representing the chemicals taking part in a chemical reaction or compound/molecule. In other words  Chemical formula gives information about the name of atoms or molecules which are constituted to make compounds.  For Example:- NaOH is known as Sodium Hydroxide … Read more

Mensuration Formulas PDF

mensuration formulas pdf

All mensuration formulas pdf: Mensuration is the measure of area, volume, length of sides of any given figure. Mensuration gives total surface area, lateral surface area/curved surface area, volume of figures which we want to calculate. In mensuration, Volume is calculated using the third side. Thus it can  be concluded that three dimensional figures have … Read more

Excel formulas PDF Download

excel formulas pdf

ms excel formulas pdf: So, the question is why use excel formulas, here is the answer, the excel formula has the key to the wonders of an excel spreadsheet, without knowing those formulas excel cannot be used at its optimum capacity. So here is a list of why you should get skilled in excel formulas: … Read more

Differentiation formulas PDF

differentiation formulas pdf

Differentiation formulas pdf class 12: Differentiation is an important topic of class 12th Mathematics. Differentiation is an important concept in Calculus, on the other hand integration also involves the usage of Differentiation formulas and concepts to solve the integration questions. Differentiation is used to find the derivative of a defined function, it is also used … Read more