Maths worksheet for Class 4 

maths worksheet for class 4 pdf: Maths in class 4th standard is quite important for the exam perspective but is more important for establishing a base. Class 4th Mathematics includes many topics and chapters which provide quality rich knowledge to the students that proves to be helpful in higher classes and as well as future too. 

For the sake of the convenience of the students and increasing the interest of the subject there’s a nice requirement for inclusion of activities and worksheets. 

maths worksheet for class 4 pdf

Worksheets are activities based on the particular syllabus of the book to enhance and furnish the educational qualities of the student. 

Activities of the worksheet follow the pattern of syllabus and are designed in such a way in which students’ knowledge gets brushed up after attempting those worksheets. 

Benefits of Solving Worksheets

  • Students have very less chances to feel boredom while solving the worksheet 
  • They feel themselves related and attached to the activities however worksheets are framed in such a manner that students love to involve
  • Nearly the particular topic or chapter gets freshened and brushed up in limited time frame
  • Students gets curious about the worksheets usually after attempting for the first time
  • Their thinking skills increase secondly they feel the importance of the worksheets by correlating them to the surroundings. 
  • Worksheets are used to polish the knowledge of the students which helps them in higher classes or further classes thus making the base stronger. 


The syllabus of Worksheet is nothing different but the same as the books have. It is because worksheets have activities which make the use of knowledge gained by the students earlier while going through the chapter. 

If we see it with the reference of class 4th Mathematics then its syllabus is as stated below:-


Serial No. Syllabus 
1 Place Value and Face Value
2 Rounding off the figures
3 Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division 
4 Factors
5 Fractions and their conversion 
6 Measurements
7 Basic Understanding of Geometry and their Uses
8 Roman Numerals 
9 Data and Graphs
10 Word Problems


Usual Activities in Worksheets

Here are some activities of worksheets which will give better ideas and an understanding of the worksheets and their contents too. 

  • Find out the fraction from the given figure and convert those Fractions into decimals. 
  • Finding out the fraction from the figure and separate the unlike, like and mixed fractions
  • Measurements of dimensions of study tables, study materials, room etc
  • Making graphs of the data and vice versa. 
  • Arranging the Automobile Numbers in ascending or descending order also separating out the numbers ending with odd digit and even digit
  • Noting down the angle made by the hands of clock in a sheet and sorting the acute, obtuse, right, straight and reflex angles
  • Decoding of the Roman Numbers into Standard form and expressing the sum of standard number as place values and face values 
  • Making list of family members(May not reveal name if uncomfortable) representing the heights 

Students can take guidance from seniors like elders of family, teachers and others in completing the worksheets. It will set up a decorum of friendliness in studies and students will feel more interconnected with the Mathematical Activities which will give a nice output at the end. 

4th grade maths worksheet for class 4:


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