Kirtan Sohila Path PDF

kirtan sohila path pdf: Kirtan Sohila is a prayer associated with Sikhism and this prayer is recited by Sikhs to relieve pain. This prayer is special because it is recited in the night before going to bed. 

Kirtan Sohila is also a gurbani and it is also named as Sohila Sahib.

kirtan sohila path pdf

Kirtan Sohila is composed of five shabads in which first three shabads were uttered by the sikh Guru Nanak Dev Ji ,fourth shabad by Sikh Guru Ram Das Ji and the fifth shabad by Guru Arjan Dev Ji.

Kirtan Sohila is actually inscribed in Guru Granth Sahib on the pages 12 to 13 and the in depth meaning of this Gurbani is “Song of Praise”.

Sections of Kirtan Sohila Sahib

  • The first section or Shabad of Kirtan Sohila Sahib is for realization of personal self to the universal truths and paths of divinity are enlightened. This Shabad imparts the feeling and knowledge of eternal and irrefutable truths and indicates the doer(one who recites this prayer) to follow the path of Sikh Gurus and take inspiration from them.
  • There are numerous scriptures, religious teachers and philosophies which creates ambiguity to many peoples ,here the second shabad of Kirtan Sohila says that this Gurbani is the solution of all these and one can recite it to get to receive all those benefits which he/she can get from different sources like scriptures, philosophies etc
  • The Third Shabad says that all external or additional rituals and pieties are not necessary for devotion but there is need for truisms and full devotion which are needed to be followed with certain rules and presence of mind . God has already arranged and framed nature in such a way that the additional rituals are not necessarily needed before recitation and devotion. 
  • The Fourth Shabad memorizes the divine names from which one can get inspiration so that one can fight from various hurdles of life. This portion of gurbani is rich in powers such that people get filled with enthusiasm to lead the life.
  • The Fifth Shabad says we all are so fortunate that we have got life on this Earth. Now in this golden life we have got the opportunity to serve others and get divine merits .The obscure Mystery becomes known to the edified individual who from there on partakes in the happiness and opportunity of eternity.  

Benefits of Recitation 

It is believed that recitation of Kirtan Sohila is a cure for insomnia. 

This prayer is recited usually in the night before going to bed thus it relaxes the mind and gives nice sleep along with this one is also prepared for the next day for his/her daily chores and routines

This prayer also binds one to the truth and path of gods which ultimately inparts the ideologies of philanthropism.

How to Recite this Prayer

This prayer is recited at the bed or in the room where one sleeps in the night.
One should Sit Straight at his bed or in his/her sleeping room with head covered using any clean and tidy cloth.
Recite this Gurbani with presence of Mind and truism then go to sleep .

kirtan sohila path pdf

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