xnx Honeywell Analytics xnx xnx Transmitter Manual PDF Download 2

xnx honeywell analytics xnx xnx transmitter manual pdf download 2: XNX Honeywell Analytics Transmitter is a device which is associated with gasses used to detect the leakage in the gas pipelines. Actually Honeywell is the producer of devices which are specially designed to determine the leakages. Honeywell manufactures these devices in different variants in which a variety of metal analyzers can be seen. 

Honeywell not only manufactures these devices but also develops software or applications which get connected to the Analytic Devices to get the information of leakages and other details regarding the device remotely. 

xnx honeywell analytics xnx xnx transmitter manual pdf download 2

Initially Zellweger established such devices and manufactured them with the approval of the Government Of UK. It was established in 1991 which manufactured the SF Detection brand for the supply of CO (Carbon Monoxide) gas to the consumers. 

This company became the first company to produce Kitemarked products to the market in 1996 and a subsequent model named SF350BS released in 1998 which gained lots of public attention. 

In 2005, Honeywell acquired the company and renamed this company as Honeywell Analytics, and thus it became known as Honeywell Analytics. However it was rebranding the company. In 2007, MST Technologies a German based company which was a supplier of Semiconductors Fibers also came  forward and purchased shares of Zellweger thus MST Technologies and Honeywell Analytics started working with integrity. 

Description of xnx honeywell analytics xnx xnx transmitter manual

Honeywell XNX uses transmitters to detect leakage of  toxic, oxygen and other combustible gasses. These detectors are available in different variants and sensors due to which a modular choice of inputs and outputs can be seen. 

It is designed to make its installation, usability and operation friendly to the ground. Three versions of XNX Honeywell Analytics are available supporting electrochemical cells, infrared based and millivolt based. In these three Infrared based and electrochemical cells work with different functionality thus they require purchase of a compatible sensor for its usability. 

Installation of xnx honeywell

Its installation is not so complicated, it can be installed using very simple steps. Purchasing any kit of Analyzer Device there is a manual guide present in which the precautions to be concerned before installation, installation procedures and steps, cautions, tips to increase functionality of device are mentioned. 

While some different Analyzer kits of Electrochemical Cell and Infrared based require special add-ons and equipment before installation thus it becomes very necessary to go through the manual guide provided in the kit for the safe and positive outputs. 

Apart from this, there is an ecosystem through which one can remotely monitor the ongoings of the Analyser kit. For this manual guides provide a product and instructions to download the software and pairing it with your system for in and out details of the Analysis kit. 

However simple maintenance tips and caring notes are provided which can be kept in mind to avoid the failure of the transistor Analyser. 


Hazardous locations are defined as places where fire or explosion hazards may exist due to the presence of flammable gasses, vapors, dust, or fibers. Due to the inherent danger in these areas, equipment must be approved for use in such locations.

In other words we can say, Honeywell Analytics Transmitter is used at the places which are prone to leakages. Such places are gas refineries, household gas feeders, industries etc. 


 xnx transmitter manual pdf download 2


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