Full Form of IQ: What is Intelligence Quotient

IQ Full Form Hello Everyone, In this article we are going to discuss about IQ full form, IQ level, IQ formula and other aspects.

The IQ full form is Intelligence quotient. Intelligence quotient or IQ is a term given to Human Intelligence measurement technique based upon the specific test results that measure the Cognitive performance of each person and compare their results with people of the same age groups.

IQ Full Form

Every individual or person have different IQ level but we can’t judge an individual on the basis of IQ, it’s just a number.

It is very important to understand that IQ does not measure Human Capabilities.

A lower IQ score doesn’t mean that a person will be financial, morale and emotionally failed.

And in the same way a Higher IQ does not mean a person can achieve anything.

IQ level is mainly considered for Top level Jobs recruitment.

Classification of IQ Level

IQ scale           Interpretation of IQ score

  • 130 & above        Very Superior
  • 120-129               Superior
  • 110-119               High average intelligence
  • 90-109                 Average intelligence
  • 80-89                  Below average intelligence/ Slight dulling
  • 66-79                  Borderline
  • 51-65                  Slight weakness
  • 36-50                  Moderate weakness
  • 20-35                  Severe weakness
  • Below 20            Profound weakness

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It is believed that IQ tests have emerged in China, around the 5th century but the first test created in the early 20th century around 1905 by French psychologist Alfred Binet. After that the German psychologist William Stern created the IQ impression.

People with Highest IQ level

The persons with high IQ level are as follows:

  1. Ainan Celeste Cawley (IQ score: 263)
  2. William James Sidis (IQ score: 250-300)
  3. Marilyn Vos Savant (IQ score: 228)
  4. Christopher Hirata (IQ score: 225)
  5. Edith Stern (IQ score: 200+)
  6. Garry Kasparov (IQ score: 194)
  7. Philip Emeagwali (IQ score: 190)
  8. Judit Polgar (IQ score: 170)
  9. Albert Einstein (IQ score: 160 – 190)
  10. Stephen Hawking (IQ score: 160)

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Usage of IQ

Some of the usage of IQ are as follows:

IQ scores mainly used for 

  • educational placement, 
  • assessment of intellectual disability, 
  • and evaluating job applicants.

It is also used by School and Institutions before enrolling students.

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Final Words

IQ stands for Intelligent Quotient. It is just a number which a person score by giving standardized tests to measure the intellectual. IQ level classified in different level from above 130 to below 20. A person with above 130 IQ considered very superior level and person with below 20 IQ categorized as profound weak. But in my opinion No Test can measure Human Intellectual and capacity.

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