English worksheet for Nursery PDF

English worksheet for nursery class pdf: Nursery class is a class for the preschooling of the child of age ranging from 2 to 6 years. Nursery class is sometimes also known as KinderGarten. This class is designed to make children comfortable with the external surroundings, in other words we can say this class is for transition from Home to School. 

In Nursery class children learn to behave in the decorum of school along with this fear of external factors and surroundings also abdicates from the mind of children. 

English worksheet for nursery class pdf

Such organizations were initially made in the late eighteenth hundred years in Bavaria and Alsace to serve youngsters whose guardians both worked in an external home.

The term was begun by the German Friedrich Frobel, whose approach universally affected early-years instruction. Today, the term is utilized in numerous nations to portray various instructive establishments and gaining spaces for kids going from 2 to 6 years old, in light of an assortment of educating techniques.

Benefits of Nursery Class

Nursery class is very beneficial for the children as it gives many valuable qualities to them. Some of the most important features of Nursery Class are given below. 

  • Nursery class gives children basic learning along with the soft decorum and surroundings
  • This class mainly focuses on learning along with playing and fun this is why children as burdenless and excited towards learning
  • Nursery class helps students in developing social skills and their concentration power also strengthens 
  • Their interests towards studies rises which make them Lifelong Learners
  • They are given interesting decorum which enhances their physical and mental ability along with this their growth is also observed 
  • Students get creative skills in them which help them in long run
  • Books are designed student friendly using interesting and exciting ideas behind learning 
  • Teachers make their students learn about the very basics in a playful and auspicious manner so that children feel friendly with teacher 
  • Books have activities which enhance the interest of students towards studies
  • Teachers try to establish a childish environment so that children start taking interest in studies and learnings last for longer time
  • Classroom has other fellow students with whom students interact and their way of talking and interaction gets established
  • If we talk about books and learning then it gives them speaking skills

Syllabus for nursery class English

  • For Prewriting Skills: Children are taught drawing Straight line, upright line, slant line, horizontal line, upright curve, down curve, left and right facing curve, etc. It helps them in making Alphabets a lot.
  • Alphabets: Learning alphabets including uppercase and lowercase here Prewriting Skills help a lot in making letters.
  • Basic Sentences:  Introduction to myself, family, parents etc. My name is____, My Father’s name is____, My Mother’s name is____. Type sentences.
  •  Normal Vocabulary: Normal Vocabulary means meanings of words like Father, Mother, Parents, Uncle, Trees, Plants , Animals etc. Three to five letters words and their identification in jumbled words. 

Nursery English Worksheet 

Some tasks in English Worksheet for Nursery class are as follows:-

  • Matching Word with the corresponding figure 
  • Matching Uppercase alphabets with lowercase alphabets 
  • Gap filling of two, three, four lettered words
  • Filling Short sentences based on personal introduction
  • Matching Animals with their names
  • Arranging Letters in a line
  • Making Letters by joining dots

english worksheet for nursery class pdf
english worksheet for nursery book

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