English Worksheet for Class 1 

English worksheet for class 1 pdf: For the students of Class 1 English subject appears as a new era for them. It is so because the English subject of Class 1 upgrades from those basic learnings which a child gets in primary learning or in LKG, Nursery classes. Basic learning like Rhyming words, Spellings, Alphabetical knowledge, Vowels and consonants etc are most necessary part of basics in 1st English class. 

In Class 1st topics like Articles, Prepositions, Punctuation, Verb, Nouns, Pronouns, Singular and Plural, Vowels and Consonants, Animals and their young ones, Conjunctions,  Antonyms, Synonyms, Compound Words, Use Of  This, That, These, Those etc, Interjection etc are taught which is the most common knowledge for the English learning and we can say it is the root knowledge of General Grammar. 

English worksheet for class 1 pdf

Now we will consider the above mentioned topics one by one. 


‘A’, ‘An’ and ‘The’ are known as Articles.
Article ‘A’ is used for those words which sound with consonants on pronunciation. For Ex:- a tree, a pen etc
Article ‘An’ is used for those words which sound with Vowel on pronunciation. For Ex: an umbrella, an ant, an angel etc.
Article ‘The’ is used for someone or something which is unique and special. For Ex:The TajMahal, The Universe etc


Words like “on, at, upon, in, under, behind, among, beneath, of etc” are known as Prepositions. These prepositions are used in sentences to indicate the position of the object with respect to the surrounding. 

For Ex:

  •  My shoes are under the table. 
  • Ram keeps his clothes in the cupboard.


In Grammar Punctuation plays a vital role. Punctuation includes use of proper and appropriate symbols for making the meaning of the sentence one directional. Punctuations are comma, semicolon, colon, full stop, inverted comma, double inverted comma, etc. 


  • Ram said: I will not go to the mall. 
  • Ram, Lakshman and Seeta were going to the temple. 


Action words are known as Verbs . They are also known as Doing Verbs. These words specify some action or task. Action words :-Cook, Bake , Walk, Talk, See, Listen, Read, Eat etc are known as Action Words. 


A noun is defined as the name of any person, place or thing. A noun always begins with a capital letter. 

For Ex: Ram, Kanpur, Tree, Haryana etc. 


Words which are used in the place of nouns are known as Pronouns.
Pronouns are used to make the sentence attractive and easy to read because repetitive use of Noun makes the sentence dubious to read. 

Examples of Pronouns: He, She, It, They, These, Those etc 

Vowels and Consonants 

Vowels are those words which sound with a, e, i, o, u. Vowels often begin with these a, e, i, o, u but for 100% surety vowels always sound with letters of vowels. 

For Example: Orange, Apple, Spices etc. 

Consonants are letters except Vowels in alphabet. 

Ex: Europe, Yacht, Watch etc 


Conjunctions are those words which are used to join two sentences. Some Conjunctions are: And, or, while, because, while, whereas etc.
For Example:- Ravi loves to play cricket while Mohan loves to play online games. 

Compound Words
Compound words are those words which are made up of two words. 

For example:

  • Foot+ball=football
  • Water+gun=water gun
  • Base+ball=baseball  etc. 

Use of This and That

‘This’ is used for pointing out something which is one in number and is located comparatively at nearer distance. 

For Example:

  • This is ours. 
  • This is my Pen. 

‘That’ is used for pointing out something which is one in number and is kept comparatively at a farther distance. 

For Example:

  • That is blackboard. 
  • That is duster. 

Use of These and Those 

‘These’ is used to point out more than one subject or object located nearby. 

For Ex:

  • These are my pens. 
  • These shoes belong to Mohan. 

‘Those’ is used to point out more than one subject or object located comparatively at a farther distance. 

For Ex:

  • Those vehicles were fined. 
  • Those trees belong to Government property. 


Interjections are those words which express sudden expressions like surprise, pain, pleasure etc. 

For Example:– Hurray!, Alas!, Oh!, Wow!  etc. 

worksheet for english class 1 pdf

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