Vishnu chalisa PDF Download

vishnu chalisa pdf

vishnu chalisa pdf download: Lord vishnu also called as Narayana and Hari is a god of God of Preservation, Reality, Kala, Karma restoration and Moksha. He is also a member of trimurti form by Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Lord Vishnu is the creator and protector of the world. Shree vishnu chalisa pdf Shree Vishnu is … Read more

Mahabharat PDF Book Download

mahabharat pdf

Mahabharat pdf free download: Mahabharat is one of the major Sanskrit epics in Indian history that depict the war between cousins also known as kurukshetra war.  As it is the longest epic it contains over 100,000 sloka or over 200,000 individual verse lines and in total it comprises 1.8 million words that is ten times … Read more

Bhagwat Geeta PDF download

bhagwat geeta pdf

Bhagwat geeta pdf book in hindi download: Bhagwat geeta also known as Gita is a part of the Hindu epic Mahabharat (The Mahabharata is one of the two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India, the other being the Rāmāyaṇa). It is considered that Bhagavad Gita is written by Lord Ganesha and was told to him … Read more

Ramcharitmanas PDF download

ramcharitmanas pdf

Tulsidas ramcharitmanas pdf download in hindi: The word Ramcharitmanas means “Lake of the deeds of Rama”. Ramcharitmanas is an epic poem in Awadhi, composed in the 16th-century by Indian poet Goswami Tulsidas. It is regarded as one of the greatest works of Hindi literature. Ramcharitmanas contains 7 Kandas (Bala Kaanda, Ayodhya Kaanda, Aranya Kaanda, Kishkindhaa … Read more

Manusmriti PDF Download

manusmriti pdf

Manusmriti pdf in hindi download: The book manusmriti originally written in the Sanskrit language that is further translated in English and hindi, so that general candidates and students can easily read and understand the book. Manusmriti is mainly divided into twelve chapters that deal in various aspects and phases of life. Manusmriti pdf hindi Each … Read more

Atharvashirsha PDF download

atharvashirsha pdf

Ganpati atharvashirsha pdf download: Ganapati is also known as Ganesha is Sanskrit origin word, that derived from two words gana means ‘group’, and pati meaning ‘ruler’ or ‘lord’. The name Ganesha denote ‘Lord of the Gaņas’ to mean ‘Lord of Hosts’ or ‘Lord of created categories’, such as the elements. Ganapati is the foremost Hindu … Read more

Sunderkand PDF download

sunderkand pdf

Sunderkand pdf download free: The original Sunder kand was composed by the Valmiki in the sanskrit. It is the fifth most popular book Hinduism epic. In the Ramayana, Sunderkand is the only chapter where the hero is not Ram but rather Hanuman. The name of sunderkand is derived from his naïve name called by his … Read more

Vishnu sahasranamam PDF

vishnu sahasranamam pdf

Vishnu sahasranamam pdf download: Vishnu sahasranamam means chanting paramaatma in different names that help the chakras activated by which kundalini will be awakened. Vishnu sahasranamam is a sanskrit hymn that contains a list of 1000 names of vishnu. This book helps individuals to chant different names of vishnu and contain all 1000 names of vishnu. … Read more

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