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lkg books pdf free download: Lower Kindergarten usually abbreviated as LKG in short is the class for toddlers of 3 to 4 years of age groups. LKG class provides these child’s basic and elementary education education and understanding of the subjects as well. 

LKG class aims to provide the knowledge of the subject in a very delicate way so that the child gets interested in that subject. Along with these  books and syllabus is also designed in such a way that the child gets interested and feels an attachment to the studies. This shows that framing of syllabus and content of books is quite relevant to these children. 

lkg books pdf free download

If we talk about the surroundings and methods of teachings in LKG then we can clearly say that it is quite natural and child friendly. 

Books are so interesting which means books are rich in colors and characters which results in learning of the child along with interest and fun. 

Secondly, the teachers of LKG are also very soft hearted and generous towards children due to which children feel friendly with teachers and express their thoughts and feelings with teachers easily. 

Also the classrooms of the LKG class are designed in such a way that the children feel friendly and get easily adjusted with the environment.  All these special changes are made keeping in mind what toddlers or 3 to 4 years old children are interested in. 

Books in LKG Class

Subject Book Name
  • Alphabet Practice Book Capital Letters by Jeevandeep Prakashan Pvt. Ltd.
  • Print Capital Letters by Grafalco
  • English for Toddlers A by Wonder Kids
  • Primary English (L.K.G.) by Sura Books 
  • Number Fun
  • Mathematics Pre-Primer By Geetanjali Bakshi
  • Holy Faith Hummingbird Mathematics Primer By Govind Ahuja
  • PRE-School Numbers (1 to 50) by Grafalco
Environmental Studies 
  • My Learning Train World Around Me Level I by Oxford University Press
  • Environmental Studies Books by Viva Young Learners
  • Hummingbird Environmental Studies-Intro by Govinda Ahuja
  • Grafalco Pre-School EVS Activity Book
General Awareness 
  • Toddler Encourage independent Work GK Worksheets Book – LKG by Blackstone Books
  • Hummingbird General Knowledge-B by Govinda Ahuja
  • Turtle Kindergarten Activity Sheets G.K. Level – 1 by Arrow Publications PVT.LTD.

Subject Wise Description

Mathematics:- Here students are taught about basic Geometry like vertical line, horizontal line, slant line, curves, circles, counting numbers from 1 to 50, writing number digits in Words, learning to write numbers by overdrawing the dotted numbers and digits, larger and smaller numbers, comparison of numbers, Counting the figures and objects, Coins and their counting etc. 

English:- Here toddler pupil learn about Capital and small letters, learns to write them and how to pronounce them, matching capital letters with small letters or vice versa, vowels and consonants, phonetic drill, use of ‘ONE’ and ‘MANY’, flash cards, Oral Interactions, Rhyming words and rhyming poems etc which gives them understanding and help them in improving the pronouncing ability. 

General Awareness:- Personal Introduction, Introduction of Family, Class, Knowledge about Nation, School, Safety Measures, Transports, People Who help us in different situations, Seasons, Plants around us, Things around us, Essential Items of Daily Use, Routine etc are taught in this subject. Here the student learns about surroundings and the importance of things which he/she sees around.

General Science:-Topics like Body Parts, Good habits and bad habits, Moral Science, Identifying Living and Non Living objects, Traffic Rules, Manners to be followed in society and rules for walking on road etc are some topics which are inscribed in the General Science Book of LKG. 


The above discussion gives a better idea of the level of knowledge which is given to LKG class students. Aftermath of LKG class syllabus is that the students start involving towards books and grow interest  towards studies. 

So, if you want to grab the book pdf for lkg then you can refer to the given link below to download the pdf of all subjects for LKG kids.  

cbse lkg books pdf free download

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