Value Education Book PDF download

value education book pdf download: Values are everything from universal ideas and guiding principles that lead to desirable behavioral and positive patterns according to society. They also influence individual choices based on thoughts, feelings, and emotions leading to expedient action.

All educational institution’s programs and policies have attempted at developing children’s value systems through certain learning experiences and then form the systematic curriculum for inculcating those values in children.

Value education book pdf download

These programs begin with the identification of values and are followed by learning outcomes that are desired to be developed in children. Thereafter learning exercises helps children to adhere to intended values holistically.

Need and importance of value education

Concern about the degeneration of values in the present generation is the biggest cause of concern and exactly the cause why we need values education. Technology has shown its impact on children and youth already. Dis-functional families, increased crime and violence, the effect of the media are other consequences of information overload. 

About value education pdf book download

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Aims of values education

  •   Holistic development of the child while addressing the head and the heart. 
  •   Revisiting values and making everyone aware of eroding values.
  •   Creating a balance between child and community.
  •   An education that connects the heart, head, and hand Harmony and peace with self.

Value education and subjects

Values are not a subject that could be taught like other conventional subjects like science, mathematics etcetera. It can be taught by deliberately creating such situations and through case studies in the course of a daily classroom schedule.

Hence all subjects i.e. Mathematics, science, social science, Fine arts,  and others cannot be seen in isolation with values subjects, rather all these subjects should be seen and taught so that the opportunity of inculcating values couldn’t be missed holistically. Eventually, a value-centered approach will always add meaning to the class.

Teaching methods

The success of value education will highly depend upon the vision and teaching methods of a teacher. The method of a teacher has to be a blend of many creative & realistic ideas & case studies and should be relatable for the student for an actual mental connection for them.

Teaching Methods may involve the following approaches:

  •       Discussion starters 
  •       Drawing distinctions/thinking critically about distinctions 
  •       Comparisons
  •       Good practices 
  •       Finding examples 
  •       Thinking about consequences 
  •       Comparing perceptions 
  •       Different Perspectives 
  •       Meaning Analysis arguments 
  •       Expressing or exploring agreement and disagreement 
  •       Exploring possibilities 
  •       Finding criteria 
  •       Values judgment


 An evaluation plan for meaningful values education is an essential part of the process. This evaluation process takes place by auditing school programs, educational experience of teachers & students as well, integration of the entire curriculum, and finally how far all of the above is being achieved.

Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.

–Mahatma Gandhi.



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