Rd Sharma Class 11 PDF Download

Rd sharma class 11 pdf download full book: RD sharma class 11 textbook is one of the most sought books among the students preparing for the class 11th examinations. This book covers the latest prescribed syllabus by the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education).

The entire book is divided into two volumes: Volume I and Volume II- Volume I covers the 21 chapters and Volume II consists of 12 chapters. It contains a large number of illustrations, practice questions, examples to assist in grasping the concept and learning the tricks and techniques of solving the various problems.

Rd sharma class 11 pdf download 

It includes a summary section for the quick revision of formulae and concepts that is also useful for revision before exams. There is also a solution of rd sharma class 11 available to help the students in understanding the problem. 

The book is designed in a way that helps the students to learn the complex problem in an easy way and the prime focus is given to clearing the fundamentals that will also help with higher studies.

RD sharma book is also available for class 10th and class 12th aspirants. 

About rd sharma class 11 pdf

Book Name rd sharma class 11 maths volume I and volume II
Author Name R.D. Sharma
Format PDF
Size mb
Pages 232
Language English
Publications Dhanpat Rai Publications

Contents of rd sharma class 11 textbook pdf

Volume I

  1. Chapter 1. Sets
  2. Chapter 2. Relations
  3. Chapter 3. Functions
  4. Chapter 4. Measurement of Angles
  5. Chapter 5. Trigonometric Functions
  6. Chapter 6. Graphs of Trigonometric Functions
  7. Chapter 7. Values of Trigonometric Functions at Sum of Difference of Angles
  8. Chapter 8. Transformation Formulae
  9. Chapter 9. Values of Trigonometric Functions at Multiple and Submultiple of Angles
  10. Chapter 10. Sine and Cosine Formulae and Their Applications
  11. Chapter 11. Trigonometric Equations
  12. Chapter 12. Mathematical Induction
  13. Chapter 13. Complex Numbers
  14. Chapter 14. Quadratic Equations
  15. Chapter 15. Linear Inequations
  16. Chapter 16. Permutations
  17. Chapter 17. Combinations
  18. Chapter 18. Binomial Theorem
  19. Chapter 19. Arithmetic Progressions
  20. Chapter 20. Geometric Progressions
  21. Chapter 21. Some Special Series

Volume II

  1. Chapter 22. Brief Review of Cartesian System of Rectangular Coordinates
  2. Chapter 23. The Straight Lines
  3. Chapter 24. The Circle
  4. Chapter 25. Parabola
  5. Chapter 26. Ellipse
  6. Chapter 27. Hyperbola
  7. Chapter 28. Introduction to 3D coordinate geometry
  8. Chapter 29. Limits
  9. Chapter 30. Derivatives
  10. Chapter 31. Mathematical Reasoning
  11. Chapter 32. Statistics
  12. Chapter 33. Probability

rd sharma class 11 pdf download
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