Class 11 Accountancy Book PDF

class 11 accountancy book pdf

NCERT class 11 accountancy book pdf download: After clearing class 10 examination students choose the stream arts/science/commerce and select the one according to their interest areas. Usually students struggle between science and commerce and after final selection they search for the books and study materials. In this article we will solve the books and study … Read more

Poonam Gandhi BST Class 11 PDF

poonam gandhi bst class 11 pdf

Poonam gandhi bst class 11 pdf: It is one of the very popular and highly demanding books among the class 11 aspirants to cover the business studies section. This book is designed by Poonam Gandhi and the latest edition of the bst class 11 poonam gandhi pdf is updated with all necessary information and data … Read more

NCERT Geography Class 11 PDF

ncert geography class 11 pdf

NCERT geography class 11 pdf download: Geography is a very vast subject that deals with the description, distribution, and interaction of the diverse physical, biological, and cultural features of the earth’s surface.  This NCERT book on geography for class 11 students covers all the important topics useful from exam points. The revised editions of the … Read more

Physical Education Class 11 Book PDF

physical education class 11 book pdf

Physical education class 11 book pdf 2021-22: Physical education means education of physical activities that is essential to achieve overall development of the candidate. Physical activities play a vital role in physical development, it covers various exercises, yoga, poses that are performed to achieve the all round development. It is not limited to physical development … Read more

Business studies class 11 PDF

business studies class 11 pdf

Business studies class 11 pdf download: This business studies book for class 11 is designed by the National Council of Education Research and Training team to deliver high quality content to the class 11 students. The subject business studies basically cover various aspects such as marketing, organizational studies, human resource management, operations and other.  To … Read more

Elementary School Classroom In A Slum MCQ

elementary school classroom in a slum mcq  

Elementary school classroom in a slum mcq: Hello everyone, here we are going to share with you an elementary school classroom in a slum MCQ’S with answers that are very helpful for class 12 students. Below we have covered 45 multiple choice questions with answers. You can attempt all the questions and check your performance.   … Read more

NCERT Class 11 Biology PDF Download

ncert class 11 biology pdf

NCERT class 11 biology pdf download: NCERT book is the foundation book to cover any subject whether it is Biology, Physics, Chemistry and other subjects. For students NCERT books are the first choice, so here we came with the one of the most popular books for class 11 students- NCERT biology book pdf. Before discussing … Read more

Rd Sharma Class 11 PDF Download

rd sharma class 11 pdf

Rd sharma class 11 pdf download full book: RD sharma class 11 textbook is one of the most sought books among the students preparing for the class 11th examinations. This book covers the latest prescribed syllabus by the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). The entire book is divided into two volumes: Volume I and … Read more