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Ram raksha stotra pdf download: In our hindu religion three gods have been considered as the creator of the universe and lives on the earth;those three gods are Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Mahesh. There have been 12 avatars of lord Vishnu In which the Lord Ram is also in those incarnations. This gives indication that worshiping methods are going to be similar that of Lord Vishnu 

If we talk about this pure and sacred text called, Sri ram raksha stotra, is a scripture associated with Hinduism which is devoted for the worship of Lord Shri Ram.

Ram raksha stotra pdf download

This stotra is indigenously in Sanskrit language but region wise its translations can be seen in various languages like Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi etc. 

Sri Ram is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu that’s why Worshipping methods and other rituals for worshipping of Sri Ram as per this text is closely related to Lord Vishnu`s worship .

This ram raksha stotra is authored by the  great saint named Kaushik and it is said that reciting and worshipping lord ram as per this text gives lots of benefits which can bring happiness and divinity in the life of one.

Benefits of recitation and worshipping lord ram

In a person’s life there are numerous hurdles and problems which he/she has to suffer across the life but there are some ways which can bring calmness and fluidity to ones life .in our hindu religion texts and scriptures have such power that can rectify the issues which creates burden in progress of one’s life 

In this text worship of lord ram is given and it gives many positive benefits to the reader of this text .

  • Reading ram raksha stotra gives stability to the life 
  • It gives our power to tackle the hurdles and problems that come across the journey to  the destination 
  • Its shows us the path of truth and faith 
  • Reciting this stotra on a regular basis gives eternal and immense blessings of lord ram from which one can get unbelievable outcomes.
  • Issues related to home affairs and skirmishes at homes a,work places, school ,colleges  vanishes after reciting this stotra 
  • Jinxed luck and unprecedented negative  results gets reduced time by time after adopting the habit of reading ram raksha stotra 
  • Reading this stotra also maintains  friendliness among the peoples along with this strength in the family rises
  • Recitation of ram raksha stotra provided security from evil spirits and other harmful incidents
  • Lord hanuman is among the one of the greatest devotee of Sri Ram that’s why worshipping lord ram makes Lord hanuman happy and he/she is also blessed by lord hanuman for the same
  • It imparts the feeling and ideas of truth , togetherness , which gives a very positive and impressive attitude in the society

How to recite this Ram raksha stotra

Recitation of ram raksha stotram in a correct way can only give the above mentioned results, there are certain days and methods which can give very drastic and impressive outcomes . 

Here we are going to mention ways and tips to keep in mind while reciting and worshipping lord ram 

  • We all know that Lord Vishnu is worshipped on Thursday because its their special day and Lord Ram is incarnation of Lord Vishnu that’s why worshipping  Lord Ram on Thursday will be very effective
  • Take proper bath and wear neat and clean clothes ,try to wear yellow clothes if possible
  • Sprinkle drops of Ganga water using a leaf of mango or flower on Lord Ram to give him a bath{you can use fresh water also is place of Ganga water}
  • Now clean the water on statue or photo of Lord Ram which was used to make him bath 
  • Then put flowers and sweets in front of Lord Sri Ram this can be distributed later as sacrament
  • After this you can start reciting Ram Raksha stotra with full dedication and with the feeling of devotion
  • After completion of Ram Raksha stotram  sit in a pleading posture with your eyes closed and join hands to confess the wrongdoing and missing you made during the worship. And feel yourself sorry towards Lord Sri Ram for the mistakes that we committed during the worship
  • After this you can also perform Lord Sri Ram Aarti or you can quit this place after taking blessings of Lord Sri Ram
  • Now distribute the sacrament that was placed in front of lord Sri Ram 
  • You can also put forward your wishes that you are aspiring ,Lord Sri Ram will definitely make them available to you 



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