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hindi alphabet pdf: हिंदी वर्णमाला Hindi Alphabets are the most basic letters for the innate in India, firstly we learn Hindi Alphabets then we proceed on English Alphabets or so on. Hindi Alphabets is known as Varnamala(वर्णमाला in Hindi) and often it is known as Kakahra. 

In Hindi Alphabets there are a total of 36 letters(Consonants/व्यंजन) and 13 Vowels (स्वर) which together form Hindi Alphabets. Here Devanagari Writing is used in writing Hindi and it the official also the mostly spoken Language of India

hindi alphabet pdf

Each Consonant and vowel are different and also they sound different in pronunciation. For reading Hindi, these alphabets are very necessary to learn and understand their pronunciation with clarity. 

In Hindi Vowels are described as those sounds which don’t require inhale and exhale of air while pronunciation are called Vowels. 

Vowels (स्वर) are mainly divided into two categories :-

Haswa Vowels(हस्व स्वर) : Those vowels which take little time or just a second to pronounce are known as हस्व स्वर. Vowels(स्वर) from अ to ऊ are known as हस्व स्वर

Deergh Vowels (दीर्घ स्वर):- These types of vowels are just opposite of हस्व स्वर because in pronunciation of दीर्घ स्वर takes little more time than हस्व स्वर while reading them out. 

Vowels(स्वर) from ए to औ are called दीर्घ स्वर 

“अं”  is known as अनुस्वर & “अः” is called “विसर्ग”. 

Vowels in Hindi are given below with their English. 

English  A Aa I I/ee U Uu/oo E Ai/Ae O Au/Ao

Now we will see Consonants of Hindi or व्यंजन with English in table given below:-

हिंदी(क वर्ग) 
English K Kh G Gh Anga
हिन्दी(च वर्ग) 
English  Ch  Chh J Jh Iyan
हिन्दी(ट वर्ग) 
English  T Th D Dh N
हिन्दी(त वर्ग)
English T Th D Dh N
English P Ph B Bh M
English  Y R L V
English  Sh S/Sh/Kh S H
हिन्दी  क्ष त्र ज्ञ
English  Ksh Tr Gy

In Hindi Vyanjan are defined as the letters which make the use of neck, palate, lips etc are known as Consonants or Varnamala

In Hindi Vyanjan is divided into different categories which are mentioned below in brief:–

SPARSH Consonants(स्पर्श व्यंजन):Those letters in which tongue touches palate while pronunciation are known as Sparsh Consonants or स्पर्श व्यंजन. There are a total of 27 such kinds of Consonants. 

Ant-Sth Consonants(अंत स्थ व्यंजन): Those letters which fell to be in between vowels and Consonants are called Ant sth Consonants or अंत स्थ व्यंजन.  There are a total of 4 अंत स्थ व्यंजन.  Ex-य र ल व

Ushma Consonants(उष्म व्यंजन):- On pronouncing these types of letters we feel heat from our mouth if we place our hand in front of mouth while speaking, are called उष्म व्यंजन. These types of letters are 4 in number.
Ex- ख फ थ ह 

Aagat Consonants(आगत व्यंजन) :- These types of Consonants are derived from other sources that is why they are called आगत व्यंजन. These types of Consonants are 2 in total. 

क्ष त्र ज्ञ are known as संयुक्त व्यंजन because these are made up of more than one Consonants (व्यंजन). 

hindi alphabet with pictures

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