FIR Full Form: What is the full form of FIR

The FIR full form is First Information Report. It is a written document which is prepared by Police department on behalf of information about cognizable offense. FIR as the name itself indicates it is a first information report. If any offense happens then it is the right of any citizen to visit the police station and describe the incident to the concerned police officer about the incident.

In India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Bangladesh etc. the crime is divided into two categories one is Cognizable offense and Non Cognizable offense.

FIR Full Form: First Information Report

Cognizable offense

In Cognizable  offense Police department can arrest a person without any prior notice/warrant.

Non-Cognizable offense

In Non-Cognizable offense Police officer has no authority to arrest people without any prior notice/warrant.

Note: FIR can only be file in case of  Cognizable offense.

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Importance of FIR (First Information Report)

There are several importance of FIR which are as follows:

  • It helps in the process of Investigation and criminal justice
  • It helps to proceed the case fast.
  • It puts the police officer in action.
  • It helps to take immediate actions.

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Information required to File FIR

1.Personal details of the Complainant:

  • (a) Name 
  • (b) Father’s / Husband’s Name
  • (c) Address
  • (d) Mobile number
  • (e) Email id: 

2.Place of Incident: 

  • a) Distance from the police station 
  • b) Direction from the police station


3.Date and Hour of Incident: 


  • a) Nature of the offence (e.g. Kill, theft, etc.)
  • b) Section (written by Police department only )
  • c) Particulars of the property (in case one has got stolen)

5.Detail of the accused:

6.Details of witnesses (if any) 

Complaint: Briefly lay down the facts regarding the incident reported in an accurate way. 

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Note: At the last of the complaint, the complainant’s signature or thumb impression should be there.

What is E-FIR

E-FIR means to file FIR online by visiting official portable. E-FIR has made the system very easy and the complainant can easily file FIR from home.

But as we all know most of the person or complainant mainly use to go or visit police station because a large number of population lives in rural or semi rural areas which are underdeveloped and most people even today not familiar with technology.

In India most of the population are not familiar with E-FIR.

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Final words

FIR stand for First Information Report which can be file in case of Cognizable offense (Murder, Dowry, Theft) and Accused would be immediately arrested by Police officer.

Any victim can file FIR in case of Cognizable offense by visiting police station or can also visit official portal to file E-FIR.

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