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ENIAC full form: ENIAC stands for Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer. It was designed by American Physicist John Mauchly, American engineer J. Presper Eckert, Jr., and their colleagues at the Moore School of Electrical Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania. After several years of work it was completed in 1945.

It was the first electronic and digital computer which was dedicated at the University of Pennsylvania. This computer was designed to handle huge numerical problems in a short span of time. It was available in the commercial and practical works in December 1945.

ENIAC full form in computer

It was very big in size about 15m×9m because it contained many vacuum tubes, magnetic drums, capacitors etc which collectively resulted in its large size. 

These computers were so powerful that they could solve numerical queries in seconds faster than those earlier computers taking days and hours. 

Uses of ENIAC 

These computers captured a large area in the field of usability. Some important and well known uses are described below one by one. 

Programming Purposes 

ENIAC could perform large arithmetical problems, loops, branches etc. ENIAC was composed of a large number of arithmetical problem solving machines which resulted in higher processing speeds but required a large amount of power consumption. ENIAC can be reprogrammed to take out desired results and benefits from it, it was a very advantageous point in ENIAC. 

In Nuclear Bomb 

This Computer was very powerful which can be used in determining the reaction of hydrogen bombs. In hydrogen atoms, it is needed to calculate the collision time going in intra-nuclear space. This computer was able to calculate that time in very desirable time. In this way ENIAC was a very significant machine in the world of hydrogen theory. 

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Its Role in Monte Carlo methods

In the study of hydrogen atom behavior, there is need to understand and elaborate various terminology of atoms like electron travelling path, time of travel, speed of electrons, trajectory of collision, electron affinity etc. ENIAC, again became a significant machine in this study also because calculating these terminologies required collective efforts of many peoples but ENIAC was able to handle these problems alone in a short time. Thus ENIAC boosted the nuclear study. 

Further Developments

There were several upgrades that took place after 1947. It included ROM based programming, which means a ROM with desired programming can be connected to ENIAC to take out required work from the computer. 

Further, Converters were installed which made programming possible through readers from standard IBM cards. 

After a very long time nearly 50 years in the honor of 50th anniversary of ENIAC, The University of Pennsylvania supported a venture named, “ENIAC-on-a-Chip”, where a tiny silicon CPU estimating 7.44 mm by 5.29 mm was worked with a similar usefulness as ENIAC. Albeit this 20 MHz chip was commonly quicker than ENIAC, it had however a small portion of the speed of its contemporary microchips in the last part of the 1990s. People now understand that in future these might come as processors to take out heavy tasks and computers will be almost portable and compact. 

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