DAV School Full Books for Class 7 PDF

dav school full books for class 7 pdf: Dayanand Anglo Vedic or in short DAV School is an English medium educational institution affiliated to CBSE board. DAV school is managed by a Trust named “Nav Jagriti Educational Trust”. The DAV College Managing Committee popularly known as DAVCMC, is an independent educational trust which has set up more than 900 educational institutions in India and overseas too. Its head office is in New Delhi . 

If we look towards its formation then it was established on 1 June 1886 and its founder was Lala Lajpat Rai. As of know DAVCMC is serving in different countries namely India, Singapore, Nepal, Mauritius, Nepal

DAV school full books for class 7 pdf

DAVCMC has a very sharp and clear vision towards the education which they are working hard to accomplish and to make education available to everyone. 

This article is mainly focused on Class 7th Books which will help in understanding the DAV schools functioning and dedication towards students studies in a better way. 

dav class 7 book pdf

Hindi Book name:अभ्यास सागर 

पाठ का नाम  व्याकरण विषय 
बराहमासा  संयुक्त व्यजन एवं उच्चारण 
नाटक में नाटक  अनुस्वार एवं अनुनासिक 
निर्मला, सांप और सयाल संज्ञा एवं भेद 
बातूनी  उपसर्ग व प्रत्यय
राजू का सपना  पत्र लेखन 
समय  विसर्ग चिन्ह 
स्कूल की छुट्टियाँ  सर्वनाम व भेद 
एवरेस्ट की चुनौती  विशेषण व भेद 
सवाल का जवाब  क्रिया व भेद 
झंडा ऊंचा रहे हमारा  कहानी लेखन 
उस रात की बात  क्रिया विशेषण व भेद 
दोहे  विविध शब्द प्रयोग 
साहस को सलाम  काल व भेद 
एस. रामानुजन डायरी लेखन 
अन्नदाता कृषक  रूढ, यौगिक, योगरूढ शब्द 
देशभक्त पुरु  संयुक्त क्रिया एवं रंजक क्रिया 
काकी  शब्द भेद 
बाल लीला और कुंडलिया अनुप्रास अलंकार 
गणेशोत्सव  विराम चिन्ह 
कर्मवीर  कारक 

English Book name:English Reader


  • People at Work
  • Relationships 
  • Attitude 
  • Achievers 
  • The Future World
  • Unity In Diversity

English Book name:English Literature 


  • How Daddy Decided What He Wanted To Be
  • The White Elephant 
  • Leisure 
  • My Experiments With Truth
  • Today and Tomorrow 
  • The Helpful Young Man
  • Bharat Desh
  • Hanuman and I
  • Our Tree
  • Attila
  • The Case of Copied Question Papers

Mathematics Book name: Secondary Mathematics


  • Rational Numbers 
  • Operations on Rational Numbers
  • Rational Numbers as Decimals
  • Exponents and Powers
  • Applications of Percentage 
  • Algebraic Expressions
  • Linear Equation in One Variable 
  • Triangle and its Properties 
  • Congruent Triangles
  • Construction of Triangles 
  • Perimeter and Area
  • Data Handling 
  • Symmetry 
  • Visualizing Solids

English Book name: English Practice Book


  • Articles 
  • The Sentence
  • The Compound Sentence
  • Phrase and Clauses 
  • Transitive and Intransitive Verbs
  • Modals
  • Passive Voice
  • Reported Speech
  • Future Time Reference 
  • Perfect Progressive Tenses
  • Linkers
  • Reading For Understanding 

Sanskrit Book name:सुरभि 


  • ईश्वर! तव महिमानं वन्दे
  • बुद्धिः एव अस्माकं बलम्
  • अभ्यासः एव परमो गुरुः
  • उपकारकाः वृक्षाः 
  • आगच्छ! भोजनं कुर्याम 
  • सुवचनानि
  • यस्य बुद्धिः तस्य बलम्
  • बुद्धिः एव उत्तमा
  • अविवेकः परमापदां पदम्
  • बुद्धिमान् गोपालकः
  • मधुरवच्नानि

Science Book name: The Living World


  • Nutrition in Living Organisms-Plants
  • Nutrition in Living Organisms-Animals and Man
  • Chemical Substances and Processes 
  • Acid, Bases and Salts
  • Heat
  • Motion and Time
  • Respiration in Organisms 
  • Transportation in Plants and Animals
  • Reproduction in Plants
  • Soil
  • Electric Charges at Rest
  • Light
  • Weather, Climate and Adaptation of Animals
  • Fabric from Fibre
  • Forest
  • Water
  • Electric Current and Its Effects

Social Science Book name:-A Book of Social Science 


  • Components of Environment
  • The Earth and the Charges on it
  • The Surface and Interior of the Earth
  • Air Around Us
  • Water Surrounding The Earth
  • Life On The Earth
  • Human Environment 
  • Land And the people
  • Medieval Period
  • The Rise of Small kingdoms in North India
  • The Rise of Small kingdoms in South India
  • Turkish Invasion in North India
  • Delhi Sultanate
  • Regional Powers 
  • The Mughal Empire 
  • Emergence of Independent States
  • Major Religions 
  • Democracy and Equality 
  • Our State Government
  • Media
  • Unpacking Gender
  • Markets Around Us

dav public school books for class 7 pdf

Class 7th DAV Books Name Click To Download
Class 7 Book of Abhyas Sagar PDF Hindi Abhyas Sagar PDF
Class 7 Book of My English Reader PDF My English Reader PDF
Class 7 Book of Computer Computer
Class 7 Book of English Literature PDF English Literature PD
Class 7 Book of Secondary Maths PDF Secondary Maths PDF
Class 7 Book of Moral Science Moral Science
Class 7 Book of English Practice PDF English Practice PDF
Class 7 Book of Surbhi PDF Sanskrit Surbhi PDF
Class 7 Book of Gyan Sagar PDF Hindi Gyan Sagar PDF
Class 7 Book of The Living World PDF (Science) The Living World PDF
Class 7 Book of Kid Wiz PDF Kid Wiz PDF
Class 7 Book of We And Our World PDF SST We And Our World PDF

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