Class 6 Math Book PDF   

NCERT class 6 maths book pdf: Mathematics plays a very significant role in our life, it not only helps in our day-to-day life but also helps in developing logical reasoning, abstract thinking and imagination. It enriches our life and gives new dimensions to thinking ability. 

It also helps us understand and make better patterns, maps, appreciate area and volume and see similarities between shapes and sizes. NCERT class 6 maths book pdf is designed for the 6th standard students to develop logical, analytical and thinking ability. These abilities and skills help throughout life to cope up with various challenges and problems faced by students.

class 6 math book pdf

This book presents 14 chapters and each chapter is nourished with the high quality content matter, exercise, sel analysis, model activity and much more.        

The scope of Mathematics is very wide and covers many aspects of our life and our environment. 

Learning Mathematics is not only about remembering formulas, solutions or methods but knowing how to solve problems accurately. It is the best practice to ask students to  formulate as many new problems as they can, it will help in developing an understanding of the concepts and principles of Mathematics. With time the nature of the problems set up by them becomes varied and complex because it will help them to become confident. 

There should be live and interactive classrooms so that children should be clear about their own understanding of concepts, evolving models and developing definitions. 

It is best for the students to do group study and formulate and discuss what they understand from textbook experience.

Contents of ncert class 6 maths book pdf

Chapter 1 Knowing Our Numbers
Chapter 2 Whole Numbers
Chapter 3 Playing with Numbers
Chapter 4 Basic Geometrical Ideas
Chapter 5 Understanding Elementary Shapes
Chapter 6 Integers
Chapter 7 Fractions
Chapter 8 Decimals
Chapter 9 Data Handling
Chapter 10 Mensuration
Chapter 11 Algebra
Chapter 12 Ratio and Proportion
Chapter 13 Symmetry
Chapter 14 Practical Geometry

Navodaya Vidyalaya Previous Question Papers class 6 PDF

Content of class 6 maths ncert book pdf Hindi


अध्याय 1 अपनी संख्याओं की जानकारी
अध्याय 2 पूर्ण संख्याएँ
अध्याय 3 संख्याओं के साथ खेलना
अध्याय 4 आधरभूत ज्यामितीय अवधरणाएँ
अध्याय 5 प्रारंभिक आकारों को समझना
अध्याय 6 पूर्णांक
अध्याय 7 भिन्न
अध्याय 8 दशमलव
अध्याय 9 आँकड़ों का प्रबंधन
अध्याय 10 क्षेत्रमिति
अध्याय 11 बीजगणित
अध्याय 12 अनुपात और समानुपात
अध्याय 13 सममिति
अध्याय 14 प्रायोगिक ज्यामिति


class 6 maths ncert book pdf
ncert class 6 maths book

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