ATM Full Form: Official full form of ATM

ATM Full Form: Hello Everyone, today we are going to discuss about ATM. In this article we will cover all aspects and terms related to ATM.

ATM full form Automated Teller Machines which is mainly used to withdraw money from your bank account by using a plastic card or debit card. ATM is an Electro-Mechanical machine that is used for financial transactions from Bank accounts. There are various confusion among people regarding official full form of ATM some call Any time money, Anywhere money etc. So, the official full form of ATM are Automated Teller Machine.

ATM full form

As we all know when ATM was not invented, we used to go Bank to withdraw cash and it is also a very time consuming process such as standing in line for hours, waiting for your number and then finally we can withdraw cash.

And one of the main limitations of traditional method is timing we can withdraw when Banks are open and in working hours and day also. On public holiday or Sunday we can’t withdraw money at any cost. But ATM bring revolution and fire all these limitations of traditional mode. 

The ATM machine was invented by John Adrian Shepherd-Barron.
USB Full Form

use of atm

In today’s world there are various uses of ATM which we are listed below:

  • Cash withdraw
  • Check Deposit
  • Balance Enquiry
  • Bill Payment
  • Fund Transfer
  • Cash Deposit and other

Benefit of ATM

There are various benefits of ATM in comparison of traditional mode of withdraw cash.

  • 24/7 hours available
  • Reduce bank burden and load
  • Easily Available in rural and urban areas.
  • Save Time
  • Save Travel and beneficial to travellers.
  • No need to carry extra cash.
  • Access Bank from anywhere in the world

Limitation of ATM

With various benefits there are various limitations of ATM as well.

  • Hacking of ATM machine possible or someone can steal your information. 
  • In rural areas some cases of ATM machine stolen has seen, so poor service in rural areas.
  • Limitation of cash withdrawals.
  • Possibility of misusing ATM card by other.
  • Cash deposit facility is not safe.
  • Loss of personal interaction with Bank.
  • Facing problems when cash is not available.

MBBS Full Form 

Basic Parts of ATM Machine

There are mainly two devices used in ATM machines which are as follows:

1.Input Devices

-Card Reader


2.Output Devices

-Display Screen
-Receipt Printer
-Cash Dispenser

1.Input Devices

Input devices are those devices that are used to provide data and signal to the computer to perform particular task.

Input devices of ATM machines are as follows:

Card Reader

Card reader is an input device that are used in an ATM machines to read data and account information from ATM cards.

That function of collecting account detail perform when we swap card in the ATM machine then card reader process information with the help of  magnetic chip attached in the back side of ATM card, Card reader collect information and account details.


Keypad is mainly used to provide the details asked by ATM machines during transaction such as PIN number, amounts of money wants to withdraw, receipt required or not etc.

2. Output devices

Output devices are those devices which convert information into Human readable form and provide outcome.

Display Screen

Screen of ATM machines display information related to transaction, account details and also suggest next steps.


Speaker in ATM machine is used to produce audio effect on key press and on transaction.

Receipt Printer

Receipt printer provide receipt on transaction or balance inquiry with details such as date, time, amount etc.

Cash Dispenser

Cash dispenser is also used as an output device in an ATM machine and provide cash or dispense the cash according to the requirements provided by the customer.

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