TR Jain VK Ohri Microeconomics Class 11 PDF

Tr jain vk ohri microeconomics class 11 pdf: “Introductory Microeconomics for Class 11” is a textbook written by Tr Jain. It is a textbook for economics that covers the basic topics of microeconomics. The book is easy to understand because it’s written in a simple way and can even be understood by a complete beginner. The contents of the book is divided into ten chapters, each for which is related to different topics related to microeconomics.

All the ten chapters are interconnected to each other in some way, and the book does a wonderful job at defining those connections.
The first chapter is about economics and provides an introduction to different types of economics. Chapter two talks about demand, supply and equilibrium while chapter three focuses on the elasticity of demand and supply.

Tr jain vk ohri microeconomics class 11 pdf

Chapter four discusses how consumers behave and how they are influenced by prices. Chapter five walks through the production and cost while chapter six talks about the different types of markets such as competition and monopoly. The last four chapters discuss topics like factor pricing, income distribution, international trade and economic reforms in India.

These all ten chapters are presented in a perfect sequential order from basics to advanced topics. Without understanding the initial chapters it is difficult to understand the core topics.

One of the main strengths of this book is that it covers all the important topics of microeconomics and helps in forming a strong foundation.

It uses real life examples to show how microeconomic concepts can be used in the real world. This is an excellent way of teaching students the concepts. This is the best way because this subject is linked with the day to day activities. Another important feature of this book is that it is well organized and written in a simple way.

Microeconomics class 11 vk ohri pdf

This makes it easy for students to understand the material. Additionally, the book includes many diagrams and illustrations, which makes it easier to understand the concepts.

This book also includes questions at the end of each chapter to test the understanding of students. Solving these exercises clarifies any doubts that students are having. And these questions also arise new questions in students’ minds which makes them explore this subject in detail.

Overall, “Introductory Microeconomics for Class11” textbook is a wonderful resource for students who are learning microeconomics for the first time. It is well written, easy to understand and covers all the important topics. The book is also an excellent resource for teachers looking for a comprehensive textbook to use in the classroom.

Contents of microeconomics class 11 vk ohri pdf

  • Economics and Economy
  • Central problems of an economy
  • Consumer’s equilibrium utility analysis
  • Consumer’s equilibrium indifference curve analysis
  • Theory of demand
  • Price elasticity of demand
  • Productions functions and return to a factor
  • Concepts of cost
  • Concepts of revenue
  • Producer’s equilibrium
  • Theory of supply
  • Forms of market
  • Market equilibrium

About introductory microeconomics class 11 tr jain pdf

Book Name Introductory Macroeconomics By TR Jain and VK Ohri for CBSE Class 11 Book
Author Name TR Jain and VK Ohri
Format PDF
Size mb 
Pages 468
Language English
Publication  VK Global Publications Pvt Ltd

Vk microeconomics class 11 pdf

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