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Their vicious darling pdf by nikki download: The third book of Vicious Lost Boys Series Their Vicious Darling is out now and now it is available to order online on amazon and various another platform. All those readers who have previously read the two novels of this series, first book The Never King and the second one The Dark One. The last book finally released and you wait is over.  

Before to understand the whole story, we will first discuss the story of previous book briefly to connect the dots with the third book of this series. The main female character for the series is a girl named Wendy so the whole like peter pan and Wendy thing predates the main female character for this book. 

Their vicious darling pdf by nikki

Now the basic premise for this book is that every female darling of the family of the darling family when she turns 18, as the blurb says peter pan comes from neverland and takes them from their home in the mortal realm back to neverland and then returns them later but their minds are basically completely scrambled eggs. 

Now Wendy is the newest the latest generation of darling women her mother is there but she’s not there like in here she’s in there but she’s not all there. So, she’s not a complete psychotic mess but she’s when he has grown up in a very traumatic and unstable lifestyle. 

She her mother has put her through a lot of bad in an effort to save her from what she believes to be inevitable on her 18th birthday and that bad includes like taking her to like witch doctors and spells and like science experiments having been done on her and all of these things. 

She’s physically hurt her in an effort to prevent peter from taking her on her 18th birthday all of it’s been for nothing her 18th birthday comes peter comes to get her, he takes her to neverland with him. She’s not afraid she goes willingly because in the beginning she doesn’t believe that it’s real, she thinks her mother is like schizophrenic. 

She when she gets to neverland and she’s introduced to the lost boys which there are two twins bash and cases. 

Their vicious darling nikki pdf

There are two twins who are members of the fae in neverland there are different islands, there are seven islands peter is the king of one island. There are seven different rulers of those other of the of the seven islands each island and their subsequent ruler is the host of a shadow, the shadow is either a shadow of life or shadow of death. 

They have to choose one or the other to host peter chose the shadow of life many years ago there was a coup where tinker bell who yes is also real 

Although don’t picture her as a tiny little pixie picture her as the queen of the fae a a normal sized woman but queen of the fae and there was a coup where peter fell in love with Wendy. 

As the fable says and tinker bell in her jealousy killed Wendy and stole peter’s shadow, peter believes that Wendy knew where his shadow was hidden before she was killed and that those memories are passed down through the bloodline of the female darlings. 

Hence why he has kidnapped every female darling upon their 18th birthday in an attempt to get inside their heads to try and unlock the memory of where his shadow is because without the life shadow his island is dying his life force is tied to the island and without that shadow, he’s basically he’s dwindling and the island is dwindling with him. 

So, Wendy when she learns all of this, she wants to help him. 

The second book is the never king is by Nicki Sanchro this is a very dark reverse harem peter pan reimagining and peter pan travels everything 18 years or so and collects a descendant from Wendy darling. 

So, for this one we are following Wendy who grew up thinking her mom was crazy because her mom kept saying i need to protect you from peter pan and then she realizes her mom was telling the truth. 

the entire time so Wendy ends up seducing the lost boys and peter and it goes from there.  

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Book Name their vicious darling pdf by nikki
Author Nikki St. Crowe
Format PDF
Size mb 
Pages 250
Language English


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