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The art of war pdf: Hey everyone, here we are going to give you a simplified overview of the 13 chapters and some basic principles that we can learn from the Art of War, and implement them in a variety of modern fields. It is assumed that Sun Tzu was born around 540 BC. There were various doubts and arguments over the date, even some questions about Sun Tzu’s was one person or amalgamation of another notable man.  

The title of Sun Tzu’s meaning is Master’s Sun creating the military guide that is discussed here today in this book. The book has been translated various times, here we are going to give you a quick overview of each chapter.  

The art of war pdf 

Laying plans

As we all know, war is not good for anyone, argues Sun Tzu. Think carefully before engaging with general things closely about which side is stronger, has more discipline, which is better trained and organized, then they can work out who will win and who lose it. If you analyze the two sides and your enemy has many advantages and strengths, a wise move is to try to avoid conflicts. If you can predict your loss then it is best to avoid it. This whole chapter is about planning and preparation before execution. 

Waging war

Waging war is getting into something that looks specific but has massive impact. He emphasized on how many horses, troops you should bring. He says that human and money are not to be used recklessly, its finite resources. 

If you wage a huge war, it can be taxing on the army. The situation became exhausted and supply will shrink. So the important lesson of this chapter is to strike fast. Strike quickly will also give you less impact on your treasury. Most of the war losses were due to lack of supplies. It will also give you a brief overview about using your enemy resources. 

Attack by Stratagem

This chapter begins with the idea of reinforcing not destroying everything in the war. Rather than harming people, use political weapons to destroy the city and leave the people and city intact. 

Then he discusses some direct strategy to attack the enemy. 

Five important things to be included in your strategy:

  • You have to be clear about when to fight and when not to.
  • You must have a strategy on how to deploy an army on the battlefield. 
  • You have a united army, officers and men serving.
  • You have to be prepared for any surprise. 
  • There you need a General that can take decisions without political leaders. 

Tactical Dispositions

This chapter is all about when to advance and force a battle. While attacking you become vulnerable but while defending you have to be invulnerable. The idea of Yin and Yang is used there. 

Use of energy

Leading a massive army is equivalent to a small one, but Sun Tzu divides them according to their purposes. 

Contents of sun tzu the art of war pdf

I. Laying Plans
II. Waging War
IV. Tactical Dispositions
V. Energy
VI. Weak Points and Strong
VII. Maneuvering
VIII. Variation in Tactics
IX. The Army on the March
X. Terrain
XI. The Nine Situations
XII. The Attack by Fire
XIII. The Use of Spies

the art of war book pdf
the art of war audio book

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