Importance of games and sports

Importance of sports and games

Importance of games and sports: Many people like to glorify victory on the field, cheer for favorite teams, and play sports. But the question arises: Should we be obsessed with sports? Is exercising as beneficial to us as we think it is, or is it enjoyable and represents an entertaining leisure time? What does science say about this?

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  •     What does science say about sports?
  •     Part of Education & Build character and personality
  •     Promote international brotherhood
  •     Find what sport do you love

What does science say about sports?

First of all, it is agreed that exercise is good for the mind and body, and this is true. Exercise, especially when we are young, has many health benefits, such as strengthening our bones, removing cholesterol from our arteries, and reducing the risk of stroke, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Our brains also release several chemicals when we exercise, including the hormone endorphins. These natural hormones, which control our responses to pain and pleasure in the central nervous system, are capable of providing a feeling of euphoria, or what is often called “the euphoria of hostility.” High levels of endorphins and consistent physical exercise, in general, can sharpen your focus and improve your mood and memory.

 Part of Education & Build character and personality

 So does that mean we get as much exercise five days a week as we do if we join a team and compete?

Well, here’s the interesting part: It turns out that if you can find a sport and a team that you love, studies show that there are many benefits beyond the physical and mental benefits of just working out. The most important benefits are the psychological benefits, in the long and short term. Some of those benefits come from the social experience of being on a team, for example, learning to trust and rely on others, accepting help, extending a helping hand, and working together to achieve a common goal. In addition, being committed to a team and doing something fun will make it easier to get used to exercising regularly.

Participating in a school sports class has been shown to reduce the risk of depression for four years. Meanwhile, your self-esteem and confidence can get a big boost. And for that a few reasons. One of them is exercise. Once you practice honing skills, especially with a good coach, you foster a mindset that seeks maturity within yourself.

Then she says, “Even if I can’t do anything today, I can improve myself by working out and eventually get there.” This mindset is useful in all walks of life. Then there’s learning through failure, which is one of the most improved and long-term benefits of exercise. An experience of accepting defeat builds the resilience and self-awareness needed to overcome academic, social, and physical obstacles. So even if your team doesn’t always or never win, there is a benefit from your experience.

 Promote international brotherhood

Nowadays sport is a part of the universal culture and an important means of combining people all around the world. Sports contribute to world peace. It consists of activities realized to affect positive social and moral benefits as well as physical benefits. It has been a great sanction tool in International relations.

It became a social event that entered deeply into the social life of people. Sports sociology in this context has been defined as a science branch describing the sport as a major and social phenomenon, studying it as a social institution and a social system. Olympics, ICC world cups, FIFA etcetera are some of the huge sport festivals that are enjoyed by the whole wide world.

 Find what sport do you love

 Now, not everyone will enjoy every sport. A team may be overly competitive, or under-competitive. Finding a sport that matches your strengths can take time. And this is very acceptable. But if you spend some time searching, you will find a sport that suits your individual needs, and if you do find it, there will be a lot of benefits. You’ll be part of a supportive community, build your confidence, tone your body, and nourish your mind, not to mention the fun time you’ll have.

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