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Figures of speech pdf: Figure of speech is a way of expressing some idea and sentence in an alluring, attractive and unique way so that it gets highlighted to everyone. Figure of speech adds beauty, vibrance and taste to the sentence which results in direct interaction of sentence to the listeners and readers. 

In Grammar there are many figures of speech but we will discuss the main figures of speech which are in vogue and generally seen as well as asked. 

Figures of speech pdf

  • Simile:- In this type comparison between two different things is observed in the sentence. Identification of Simile in sentences is “As/Like” 

EX:-(1)The young boy is as cute as a kitten.
(2) After exams, students feel as light as a feather. 

In sentence 1 boy is compared to a kitten similarly in 2nd sentence students are compared with feather. 

  • Metaphor:- In this type sentence seems like an implied simile to make the sentence valuables and rich in meaning. 

Ex:-(1)My friend is an angel
(2)Camels are the ships of the desert. 

In both the sentences, there is evidence of implied simile. 

  • Alliteration:- In this type the first Consonant has the same sound which can be observed after reading the sentence. Generally tongue twisters fall in this category. 

Ex(1):-The good cook who cooks as much cookies as a good cook could cook cookies.
(2)Little Lalit likes Leechi

In sentences 1 and 2 the first Consonant sound is the same, but the same sounding first letter may be in any part of the sentence with more than two times repetition. 

  • Hyperbole:- In this sentence something is presented with high exaggeration which is more than required. 

Ex(1):-I am so tired that I can sleep for a year.
(2):-As a doubt 1000 times I will answer you 1000 times. 

In both sentences one can observe that sentences are presented with high exaggeration which are usually not possible to fulfil. 

  • Assonance:- In this type of sentences repetition of the same vowel is seen but starts with different consonant sounds. 

Ex(1):-Jerry went here and there everywhere.
(2)How is your cow now? 

In above given sentences repetition of vowels can be seen but vowels are preceded by different consonants. 

  • Pun:- In these types of sentences a single word contains two meanings and such kinds of sentences are used to express something as a joke. 

Ex(1):-Pilots have easy access to cloud storage.
(2)When two orthopedists started a new surgery, it was a joint operation. 

In sentence 1 the word ‘Cloud’ is presented with two meanings, one is online storage and second is cloud related to rain or monsoon. 

Similarly in the second sentence, ‘Joint operation’ means collective efforts and the second meaning is the operation of joints that is a body part. 

  • Litotes:- In this type of sentences a negative expression is observed but in an affirmative way of sentence. 

Ex:-(1) You are not Bill Gates
(2)He was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. 

Both sentences given above give a feeling of negativity and such kinds of sentences can be observed easily by seeing the word “NOT”. 

  • Repetition:- Here repetition of the same word or same phrase is observed. 

Ex(1)I felt happy because I saw others happy.
(2)Use of because more than two times in a sentence is incorrect because it’s a rule. 

In above examples, the words Happy and Because are seen multiple times , more than once. 

  • Personification:- Here something non living is expressed as if it is alive and lively. 

Ex(1)When my friend laughs it is like the moon is laughing.
(2)As she started dancing it gave me the feeling that stars were roaming near me. 

In both sentences, moon and Stars are presented as lively in order to express the feeling of the speaker of the sentence. Thus these sentences fall in the category of Personification. 

  • Paradox:- A statement that is contradictory in itself and insists the reader/listener to think innovatively. 

Ex(1)You can save money by spending it.
(2)This is the beginning of an end. 

In both examples, Falsification of sentences can be seen in itself. 

  • Oxymoron:- Two contradictory words are used to create a dramatic scene in the sentence. 

Ex(1):-The comedian was seriously funny.
(2)Do you have the original copies? 

In sentence 1 Seriously and funny are contradictory words similarly in second sentence Original and copies are contradicting each other. 


This is about the main figures of speech which are used most of the time. Here one can observe that simple sentences are presented in twisted and dramatic ways to enhance the value, quality and richness of the sentence. 


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