10th class all Subject Books PDF

10th class all subject books pdf download: In this article we are going to discuss the subjects and books which are taught in class X.  Class X is also known as High School. School or educational institutions are instructed to teach on the behalf of NCERT(National Council Of Education Research and Training) books because board exams of class 10 are purely based on NCERT books. Students are free to choose supportive books like reference books, reliable etc. for their conceptual and ease in understanding. 

Books in class 10  generally taught are described below. 

10th class all subject books pdf

Usually there are 5+1 subjects in class 10th the other one subject is optional or choice based. Students may choose the last subject according to the provided choices in their school or institution. 

But final marks are calculated on the basis of Five subjects only, the optional subject helps the students, if any student fails in other five subjects also if any student is weak in other five subjects can hold optional subject. 


Science in class X is a very vital subject because it gives understanding and knowledge of our surrounding happenings. Chapters in class X science books are quite interesting and informative. Science is divided into three subjects which are Physics, Chemistry and Biology having separate books. 

In Physics, Chapters like Electricity, Electric Charges, Magnetism, etc help us to better understand the mechanical and scientific world. These chapters make us realize the science behind the working of many appliances thus it becomes very interesting to each and every student. In Science Chemistry is also important because it is enriched with the knowledge of  types of reactions, chemicals, elements, processes of preparation of Soaps, Glycerol etc. In Chemistry there are some very important facts which are very helpful in higher classes and further studies. 

There is Biology also in Science, in which living beings, reproduction of plants and animals, unicellular and multicellular organisms, parts of Human body and their role is described. 

Social Science 

Social Science in class X is divided into four parts which are History, Civics, Geography and Economics. 

History: This subject has a great and exciting knowledge regarding the past of our India as well as other countries too which were somehow related to India. In this subject there is detailed explanation of Colonial period, Preindependence period, rise of different cultures, diversities in living and culture etc.

Geography:- Geography is also a very important subject for the students of Class 10th. In this subject there is explanation of Universe, earth, planets, rivers, lakes, weathers, crops in different areas, diversities in living, culture and crop fertility, seas, areas, population distribution etc. 

These subjects help us to understand the different regions of India through clear eyes. 

Civics:Civics is also known as polity sometimes because it gives an explanation of political India. In this subject there is explanation of Constitution related information, Rules and Regulation, Powers of president, prime ministers, introduction of amendments, Parliament, Lok sabha, Rajya Sabha, Supreme courts, high courts etc are clearly explained in this subject. 

Economics: Economics means economy, in other words we can say that Economics is a subject which makes us better understand about Financial terms and financial matters. Although this subject is not as large as the other three subjects of Social Science, Economics has been playing a vital role in the lives of every Indian.

This subject is all about growth related to Indian finance, Ratios, comparisons. Implementation of policies associated with Monetary benefits can easily be identified through economics whether that policy is successful or not. That is why Economics is also important to every student. 


Class 10th Mathematics is like a base for the future. It is so because class X Mathematics has many important chapters which help every student in future studies. Class X Math is included with chapters like Number system, Polynomials, Quadratic Equations, Trigonometry, Similarity, Statistics, Probability, Construction, Geometry, Coordinate Geometry etc.

All these mentioned chapters help in future studies, but also in class 11 and 12. In Competitive exams, entrance exams some questions are based on class 10 Mathematics. Thus it becomes very compulsory to gain knowledge of Mathematics thoroughly. 

Hindi and English 

In class 10th both Hindi and English have three books of each subject. In Hindi there are two subjects which are related to Literature and the third one is for Grammar. Literature portion is for betterment of comprehensive abilities, answer framing and for increasing the interaction knowledge. Grammar targets to provide quality understanding behind the sentences, tenses, meaningful words and sentence, conversion of sentence in reference to tenses etc. 

Similar For English also, there are 3 books, two for Literature and other one for Language that is Grammar. Here also matching types of knowledge are provided through English medium. 

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