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cow essay in english: Cow is a domestic animal and is one of the most common domesticated animals of India. In India Cow is considered as a religious animal because Vedas and scriptures have stated that Cow has always been devotional and it was very close to Lord Krishna. Cow is immensely attached to Hinduism because in most of the Hindu Festivals Cow is essentially prioritized. 

If we see in India then a large fraction of India, cows are domesticated. Cows can be seen in Villages in the houses of Hindus mostly. According to some stats, Every 3rd member out of 10 in Villages of India owns a Cow. 

cow essay in english

Cow is a domestic animal which is largely domesticated by Indians. Cow has two eyes, four legs, two ears and a long tail. Cow is one of the most naive domestic animals. We can see numerous breeds of cows and each breed possesses a different specialty in looks, milk and color. 

Apart from this variation in breeds possess genetic changes also like some breeds of cow are unusual because they can give milk for more than 8-9 months while indigenous breeds can only produce milk for 8 to 9 months. Some breeds of Cow are very famous like Deshi, Sahiwal, Jersey, Haryanvi, etc. 

Cows feed on Grass, wheat, etc. 

Cow is domesticated to fulfill dairy needs and feeders/owners of cows feel very proud for owning a cow. 

Cow is not only used for dairy needs but its dung and milk is used in most of the Devotional Functions because cow’s milk is considered to be sacred and pure. 

Also the excreta of Cow, that is cow dung is used as manure which is considered as one of the most beneficial natural manures for the fields. In recent times it’s being used to produce a sustainable energy source in the form of biogas

On the other hand, Cow’s urine is used as treatment for some diseases, today many industries sell it in bottles after removing some wastage from it. Cows are worshiped in India and the new born of the cow is known as Calf which is further classified as Cow again if the calf is female and if it is male then the calf is known as Bull or Ox. 

OX or Bull is used in fields to carry out field works like plowing the field, running Bullock carts, etc. 

Apart from the Current Scenario, in the Vedic Period the Cow was treated as a sacred and godly living being. Killing Cow was a sin although still killing a cow is a sin. 

These days, India has a great deal of associations with the sole reason for safeguarding cows. They work to help cows from any risk. They endure no sort of mischief to cows

The public authority is likewise going to a great deal of lengths to safeguard cows from any unfairness. Individuals are approaching in partnership to protect them. They favor no sort of improper way of behaving with cows. We should cooperate to safeguard cows and become the voice for the implicit.

The cow essay 10 lines

  • Cow is a domestic animal most commonly found in Indian Villages. Cow is also a devotional animal which is worshiped at few occasions and religious functions.
  • Cow is observed as a gentle and calm animal.
  • Cow has two pairs of stomachs and the life period of a cow is nearly 17-18 years.
  • In India Cows can be found in nearly every house of villages and people feel proud to have cows as their domestic animal.
  • Cow has four legs, a pair of eyes and ears, two horns, a big nose and a long tail.
  • Cow is a herbivorous animal which gives us milk to satisfy our dairy needs.
  • Cows give milk after giving birth to their young ones. They continue to give milk after 8 to 9 months after giving birth to their young ones. 
  • The pregnancy period of a cow is about 283 days which counts to 9 months and 10 days approximately.
  • The milk delivery period and quantity of milk depends on the breed of the cows. 
  • Young ones of the cow are known as the calf  which is further known as Ox or Bull if it is male and if it’s female then it is called Cow again.
  • Cow gives us milk and its excreta, that is dung is used as manure in fields and it also fulfills the needs of fuel because cow dung cakes and biogas are good sources of Fuel. Cow’s urine is also very beneficial.
  • Cow’s milk is often used in religious functions, programs and worship because its milk is sacred and pure.


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