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Forms Of The Verb In English

Verb forms pdf: Grammatical tense is how English talks about time without explicitly naming periods but, instead, by modifying verbs to specify when action occurs, determines the time of the event. So, how many different tenses exist in a language such as English?

At first, the answer seems obvious:

Verb forms PDF


  1.   there’s the past,
  2.   the present, and
  3.   the future.

But thanks to something called the grammatical aspect, each of those periods split into more than that.

There are four types of aspects in each tense.

  1.   Continuous And Progressive aspect – the task is ongoing or still happening, events are still happening at the time of reference. e.g., he is eating now.
  2.   Perfect aspect- it describes verbs that have finished. e.g. the dishes have been washed.
  3.   The perfect continuous aspect– is a combination, describing the completed part of a continuous verb. e.g. he had been cycling.
  4.   Simple aspect– the basic form of the past tense, the present, and the future, where the verb is not defined as continuous or finite. e.g. I hammer, I see, etc

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So let’s see this in action. Let’s say your friends tell you:

“we went on a secret marine mission to collect evidence about a mysterious sea creature.”

 this sentence determines the overall frame from the reference in the past, but within that, there are many options.

 Your friends may say that “a creature attacked their boat”, this is the simple past, The more general aspect, which does not give a detailed explanation.

“We were falling asleep when this happened”, a continuous process going on at the time.

He might also tell you that “we left Nantucket” to describe an act that had finished earlier. This is an example of the past perfect.

Or that “we’ve been sailing for three weeks”, which is still going on at this time.

Nowadays, they tell you that “they still are looking for the creature today”, it is their present simple activity.

 “Perhaps they were preparing for their next mission” Continuously they speak.

“They built a special submarine for this purpose.” This is a complete achievement.

In addition, “they have been researching any possible sightings of the creature”, it’s something they’ve been doing for a while and they’re still doing it now and that’s the present perfect progressive.

they say again “What will this next mission be? You know it still hasn’t happened yet because they’re leaving next week”’ the simple future. “Your friends will be searching for the elusive creature”, and it’s an extended continuous undertaking.

They tell you that “the submarine will have reached unknown depths within a month from now”. This prediction is certain about what will be achieved by a certain period in the future, in a certain period they will complete their journey that is, three weeks, it is the future perfect progressive.

The main point of all the different tenses is that each sentence takes place at a certain moment, whether it is in the past the present, or the future. the point of aspects is, that they tell you as of that moment, the status of the action.

In total, they give us twelve possibilities in English.

  1.   past
  2.   present
  3.   future
  4.   past perfect
  5.   present perfect
  6.   future perfect
  7.   past progressive
  8.   present progressive
  9.   future progressive
  10.   past perfect progressive
  11.   present perfect progressive
  12.   future perfect progressive

All speakers of most languages ​​can express the same ideas without specific tenses and with auxiliary verbs such as, can, or do, or by specifying the time they mean.  From one language to another verbs are just different ways of describing the same basic reality or that its various combinations reflect different ways of thinking about the world and even about time. 

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