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The first to die at the end pdf: Hello everyone, here we are sharing with you the newly released book by Adam Silvera the First to Die at the End. This book is basically a prequel to They Both Die at the End and it was released on October 4, 2022.  

The book has finally been released and now it’s available to order on various online platforms in various formats such as kindle edition, audiobook, hardcover, paperback and audio cd. Orion Pagan is one of the very fascinating characters of this novel and he is waiting for years to only tell someone that he is going to die because of some serious hear conditions but now he is already signed up to death cast.   

The first to die at the end pdf

He has a long promising future ahead of him he’s excited to spend the night at the death cast launch party when Orion and Valentino crossed paths their bond is undeniable but after the very first death cast call goes out the boys’ lives have changed forever one of them receives a call and the other doesn’t.   

The beginning of the book was seeming rough, and our main character Orion and Valentino meet up for the first time at Times Square in New York the night before death cast launches. It was basically about the afternoon before death cast is initiated and majority of the book is all about the first day of the death cast.  

So the one in Times Square in New York Orion who has lived his whole life in New York has two dead parents and a heart disease since his parents have died, he was taken in by his best friend and her parents and he’s looking with them for years.  

They have signed him up for death cast because he’s already at a high risk of dropping dead any day now and they want death cast to be there as essentially a safety blanket to not be waking up in fear every day of like is this the day that he’ll not make it through like they don’t want him to have that fear every day.    

The first to die at the end epub download

Valentino is an aspiring model here and he does not have any hear problem and they used to move from New York from Arizona, but he’s recently come out as gay to his homophobic parents. So that’s so fun they basically disowned him like they just hear no evil see, no evil kind of thing which we all know people like that.  

He also has a twin sister that will be moving to New York with him but she’s a photographer and she is still in Arizona because she is working one of like the death cast parties in Arizona which wouldn’t it have been more beneficial to her career and possibly even like her bank account to have worked a gig in Times Square rather than just some random party in Arizona.   

So, the first time zone it’s hitting is the East Coast so wouldn’t you rather be working at an East Coast party. 

So, let’s see which one will be the first to die at the end. 

To know more about the story of the first to die at the end then you can refer the below link to grab your copy and enjoy reading.  

About the first to die at the end by adam silvera pdf

Book Name The First to Die at the End
Author adam silvera
Format PDF
Size mb 
Pages 549
Language English


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