The Consultant TV Series Release Date

The consultant tv series release date: The Consultant is an eight-episode series now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. It starts with the talented Christopher Waltz and is based on the book of the same name by Bentley Little.

The show revolves around a gaming company that faces challenges after the sudden death of its founder. Regus Patoff, a consultant, is brought in to improve the company’s business operations.

The consultant tv series release date

However, as more dark secrets and Patoff’s past come to light, the employees become wary of his presence. The series offers a slow-burn narrative that keeps viewers engaged with spot-on music and fantastic scenes. Tony Basgallop, the show’s creator, ensures that every shot is exciting and engaging. 

The plot explores themes like competitiveness in jobs, unemployment, and the ruthless world of business where one needs to be the best to make it big. From the very beginning, the show’s plot hooks viewers, leaving them sitting on the edge of their seats, eager to know what happens next.

The story is also told from the perspectives of two other characters, Elaine Hayman and Craig Horne. Elaine was an assistant to Sang Woo, the company’s founder, and later became a creative liaison, while Craig is a game coder and developer. The duo is intrigued by Patoff’s arrival and decides to dig into his past to see what they can find.

As they research the company and find a similar pattern where Patoff takes over after the founder mysteriously dies, they become more suspicious of his intentions. Patoff is a meticulous man who knows his work and is skilled at what he does.

The consultant tv series cast

However, his quirky and authoritative behavior gets on everyone’s nerves, as the employees are not used to his kind of management style.

He changes everything, from the rules of the workplace to the kind of games the company launches. Patoff’s manipulative behavior adds trouble to every situation, and he chooses the most impossible idea to market their new game. For Patoff, everything is a game. He plays with people’s desires and psyches to eventually get what he wants out of them.

He adds trouble to every situation and chooses the most impossible idea to market their new game. It could have been to stroke Elaine’s ego or to test Craig’s loyalty. Patoff is a man of his word and punctual, but he has no sense of boundaries. He goes around sniffing people to find where a rancid smell is coming from and calls his employees at odd hours to test their commitment to the company. He grooms at his desk and lives there too. 

In conclusion, The Consultant is a compelling series that showcases Amazon Studios’ commitment to producing original, high-quality content.

With its engaging plot, eccentric characters, and thought-provoking themes, the series is a must-watch for fans of the thriller genre. Christopher Waltz delivers an exceptional performance, bringing the character of Regus Patoff to life with his acting prowess. The show’s slow-burn narrative keeps viewers engaged, and the climactic ending leaves them craving for more.

About the consultant watch online

Genre  Comedy
Directors Matt Shakman, Dan Attias, Alexis Ostrander, Charlotte Brändström, Karyn Kusama
Starring Christoph Waltz, Nat Wolff, Brittany O’Grady
Episodes Eight
Format  Prime Video (streaming online video)
Publication Date February 24, 2023

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